Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Settling in


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 85, low 67)

The temperature has creeped back up a few degrees, but it’s still fairly pleasant.  I think it has to do with the fact that there are more trees and less asphalt here.

Yesterday, was another very busy day.  We decided we can’t lounge around in bed all morning and then get everything done we want to do in a days time.  We have hot tub and hikes to do, along with chores and setting up our new “home.”  

So, just like when we were working, we decided to set an alarm clock.  I set it for 5am, and we hit the snooze button a few times, but finally got up and managed to have a soak in the hot tub before we were off running errands.

Blairsville, is a fairly small mountain town, but we do have a Home Depot, a Wal-Mart and a really nice grocery store called Ingles.  What more could you ask for? 

We needed a few pieces of furniture for the cabin.  The previous owners left the sofa/recliner, washer/dryer and refrigerator, but we needed end tables and a TV stand.

We found the tables and TV stand at a local furniture store and they delivered them two hours later.  Pretty good service, huh?

This is the Tv stand.   Looks real pretty next to the refrigerator and dryer, doesn’t it?


The cabin is small, so there is no way to decorate to make it pretty, without getting rid of the appliances.  We decided, we won’t worry about it, we’ll just enjoy having a full size washer/dryer and extra refrigerator, and decorate around the appliances, as best as we can.

We are going to look for a picture for above the TV.  We decided to do a “bear” theme in the cabin, so we’ll find something, I’m sure.

We did find some bear decorations for over the door.



Another purchase yesterday was to get new window planter boxes.  The ones here were getting a bit worn, so we replaced them with new ones, and planted some new flowers.  We’ll enjoy the flowers for as long as we’re here. 

Hopefully it will be until November.


When we sold our Georgia house, one of the best parts was getting rid of the big wooden deck that was around the pool.  It needed refinishing, we put it off, and the house sold despite the fact that the deck needed work. 

I was really happy that we didn’t have to work on the deck, and swore I’d never have another one!

Well….guess what?   Yep, we have a deck here, and it also needs painting.   Karma, I guess.


We talked to a guy that was refinishing a neighbors deck.  He gave us a quote of $900, which didn’t include the paint!  No thanks, I think we’ll do it ourselves.  We would have never put a deck on this lot, but it was already here, and it really is pretty nice, so I guess we’ll have to break down and paint it.   The joys of “home” ownership.


Our plan today, (after hike and hot tub) is to go find a bear flag and a bear statue.  The previous owners had a cute little bear flag on the front of the cabin.  It was one of the few decorations that they didn’t leave for us, and we want one.

Isn’t is cute?   So, that’s our mission for today.   See their cute little bear statue under the flag?   They didn’t leave that either.  :(

Rivers Edge Rv Park

We’ve been meeting the neighbors slowly, but surely.  There is a big homeowners association meeting and dinner on Saturday, so we expect a lot more people will be here then. One of our new neighbors brought us some wonderful peanut butter and chocolate bars.  Yummy.


Another busy day ahead of us, so I guess I’d better get started.


  1. Owning a home does take some extra work, we sure don't miss ours.
    Enjoy the area and your new home.

  2. If you'd rather not deal with the deck, could you sell it? It looks like it might movable :) It might be just what someone else is looking for.

  3. Your house is just the right size if I were to ever get another house. I like small. And the bear theme is perfect.

  4. I really like the look of the cabin. It's so cute with all the bear motif!

  5. Glad you clarified you have "bear" theme and not a "bare" theme. I know with that hot tub, the idea is very tempting... ;c)

  6. It's so beautiful! What a perfect little cabin! I have missed a lot, apparently.

  7. Did I read the word "deck?" Hope we never have to do another one!

  8. Hope you can report tomorrow...Mission Accomplished.

  9. I love your new place. A full size frig and W/D! Woohoo! Love the bear theme, it seems fitting where you are.


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