Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Made it out of Florida


Commerce, Georgia  

We finally decided that Mom was doing well enough that we would attempt to leave town for a while.  We’re holding our breath that we can get up to the Georgia mountains for a while and not get called back to Tampa.

We left the Tampa area yesterday morning, and drove 256 miles north on I-75.  We landed at an Rv park in Tifton, Georgia,  called the I-75 Rv park.  It was right next to the interstate so there was some road noise, but once we fell asleep, we heard nothing.  It’s a small newer campground that is just a basic place to park for the night. We pulled into the “pull through” site number 4, with 1/3 of the motor home and 100% of the truck hanging out into the site behind us.  No problem, said the manager because there were no others coming in that night.   I don’t know where we would have parked the toad if we would have had to unhook when the park was full.   This is not the first campground we’ve stayed at where the “pull through” sites were too short for our motor home and toad.  To me, a pull through site should be long enough for the motor home or trailer and vehicle.

Once we got parked, Al plugged in our Progressive Industries Surge Guard in and it immediately gave us a warning of high voltage.  We ended up having to move to another site, but once we got settled, we were fine, except for the heat.  Our surge guard saved the day once again!  That’s the third time it warned us before we plugged in.


Today, we got on the road about 8:30 and headed north on I-75 for a few miles, then we had to get on some two lane roads.  It’s sure a lot more stressful than the interstate where you have regular rest areas.  We ended up driving 223 miles today, most of which was not on the interstate, so it was a lot more tiring.  Poor Al.

Tonight, we’re at Georgia Rv park, in Commerce, Georgia.  This place really reminds you that even looking at the place on Google Earth, doesn’t tell the whole story.  This place is a little on the rough side.  We’re in the “field” but have a 50 amp pull through site.  We can manage it for the night.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options in this part of Georgia.

Tomorrow,we have a 105 mile drive to Blairsville and to our new rv site.   We will do the closing on the new rv site on Monday, but will be able to stay there right away.  

Can’t wait. 



  1. Exciting to hear you are back on the road again and about to christen your new RV site. It sure looks like a lovely getaway and is sure to be cooler than the weather in Tampa. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Glad you were able to get away! Glad your mom is doing well enough for you all to leave for a spell.
    We looked at RV sites somewhere in Blairsville...what it the name of the place??

  3. So good to be on the road again. And thank goodness for surge guards. Enjoy your stay in Blairsville.

  4. As many times as we have traveled thru Commerce, I have never seen nor been aware of Georgia RV Park????? Of course if I've been that close to Dillard, I would have driven on. Enjoy your new site!

  5. Now at a place where I can catch up on other's blogs. Glad you are able to get back to your new ,"pad" Hope your Mom is Ok.

  6. Wow that's a lot of driving and 3 days to get there. I sure hope you don't get called back. So glad to see you get away now that Al is finally retired.

  7. glad you were finally able to roll. . .yaaa!

  8. Good to read you're rolling again. It is amazing the different opinions that campgrounds have on what they consider pullthroughs. I get nervous when those sites are short and my toad is hanging in the breeze. I carry some collapsible orange cones that I put out in those circumstances, hoping that gives me some level of protection.

    Good luck on the closing, hope all goes smoothly. That site looks terrific! :c)

  9. So happy for you two. Your new site is beautiful. I love the green.

  10. Best of luck with the closing and travel to your new site.

    I just might have to invest in one of those surge guards.

  11. Our surge guard has saved us MANY MANY times! You really don't realize how many hidden "hits" and variances your electronics are getting till the surge guard trips and resets. So glad you get to be back on the road traveling to your new destination. Hope the closing goes well without a hitch!


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