Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool Weather…finally


Blairsville, Georgia (high 83, low 59)

We awoke to temperatures in the 50’s!    Just the kind of weather we were hoping for.   We have been able to sleep under the blankets with the windows open at night.  It’s been so nice to be able to turn off the air conditioners.  I never saw the temperature out of the 70’s yesterday where we were. 

We have been enjoying our new hot tub.  It’s wonderful have our morning coffee in the hot tub in the early morning.     Of course, happy hour at night is just as great.

We walked the country roads around here again yesterday morning.  It’s kind of nice to have paved roads to walk, instead of trails where you have to constantly watch your step.  There are also plenty of regular trails nearby, including the Appalachian Trail which is not far at all. 

There are some interesting old barns that are on the verge of coming down.  We’ve seem some shops here that beautiful furniture made of “barn wood.”  I guess these old barns don’t go to waste.


There are a lot of beautiful wild flowers.


We met the local “wildlife.”  These two dogs barked like they were going to eat us.  Then the puppy started wagging its tail, peeing all over, and acting like it was excited to see us, so we knew he was friendly.  The other one never warmed up to us and actually acted like it might bite.  We had trouble getting away from the puppy as he decided he loved us and wanted to come home with us.  Not once did the owners come outside to see what all the barking was about, and not once did they call their dogs home.


Al finally walked the puppy back home, and told him to “stay.”  He actually listened to Al and stayed there. 

Good dog!


While Al was returning the cute little puppy, I had to actually stop a car to make sure the driver didn’t hit the dogs.   I hate people that don’t take care of their animals and let them run loose.

We decided not to walk that road again.  We are afraid we might come back and see the puppy laying dead in the road.  Or we might steal him…..he was awfully cute!

There are a lot of hay fields being mowed.  They smell very nice.


After out walk, we walked around the Rv park a little.  The laundry room is nice, and the machines are only $1.00.  I doubt we’ll use it since we have a washer/dryer in the cabin, but you never know.



One thing we thought was interesting was this item.



It’s a defibrillator.  I guess it’s a nice thing to have in an Rv park filled with “seniors.”


We took a drive into North Carolina yesterday.  We’re just south of the North Carolina border.  We drove on the scenic highway 64 and ended up in the town of Hayesville.  It was a pretty drive and will be spectacular in the fall, I’m sure.


There are a lot of pretty lakes.


Even the beginnings of some fall color here and there.


We need a few pieces of furniture for the cabin, and a few wall hangings, so we stopped at a few of the many shops along the roadways.  We found a cute bear themed wall hanging for the cabin. 

Today is a big day.  We close on the lot today.  It will be officially ours.  Sure hope nothing goes wrong, since we’ve already gotten the hot tub delivered!


  1. I keep telling the folks here at the refuge that they need to put in a hot tub for the volunteers. Don't think that's going to happen. :)

  2. Lovely place and I like all the pictures or your new place and the surrounding area. Great pictures!

  3. Aren't these North Georgia Mountains spectacular. And wait til the leaves begin to turn....

  4. Good luck on the closing. It would truly suck if you had to relocate the hot tub due to some technicality.
    The defibrillator is a pretty good idea. Never know, it could save a life.

  5. Love your cute cabin. Hope all goes smoothly with the closing. It will be nice to celebrate in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly.

  6. Good luck, I can't see ya'll having any problems though. Let us know when you see BigFoot! ;-) I'm watching a program - they've been spotted where you are..take a good picture if you see one!

  7. the cabin looks really cute! envious of the wonderful temperatures..sigh

  8. I think every park should have a defibrillator. Great idea.

    Hope all went well with the closing.

  9. Sounds like a great location. Looks really beautiful. Are you close to Chattanooga too?

  10. Hope the closing went well. That is a great area.

  11. Does the park have sites they rent to non owners? I know it will be a long time, but I'd love to come spend a month there some time.

  12. Hope that cool weather holds, we are heading north into GA and OH in a couple of days!

  13. Looks like you found yourselves a great spot.


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