Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Solution

Zephyrhills, Florida

We spent yesterday at home doing chores.  It was nice and warm and a beautiful day to spend outside.

From Rick’s recommendation, I finally ordered some of The Solution and we tried it out yesterday.  It’s supposed take allow to apply it without washing the vehicle, but our motor home was pretty dirty, so we rinsed it off, gave it a quick dry off and then applied the solution.  We have a clear coat on the motor home, so it’s pretty shiny when it’s clean anyway, but the solution seemed to make it nice and smooth and shiny.  It was certainly easy to apply.  You just spray on and wipe with a micro fiber towel.  It didn’t streak and was very quick.  We only got the right side of the motor home done.  We hope to get some more done before we leave next week.  We’re hoping it will keep bugs from sticking.

Al climbed up on the roof and put some caulk around the marker lights in the front of the motor home.  That had been done last July, but they already had some gaps in the caulk and caused a water leak down the front window onto the dash.  It’s amazing how fast that stuff needs done in the Florida heat.   

We also replaced the two bad sensors we had for our TST Tire Pressure monitor system.   After we put the new ones on…we now have THREE sensors that don’t work!  I’m getting frustrated.  I like having them, but we have had trouble with the sensors.  One of the not working sensors is one of the new replacements.    grrrrr

We’re trying to get things done instead of wait until the last minute….like we usually do.  We’ll be leaving on the 26th, so we don’t have much time.

A “cold” front moved in overnight and our temps are only going to get up to 70 today, which is more or our normal seasonal temperature for this time of the year.  It’s a quick moving one though and we’ll be back to 79-80 by tomorrow.  We’re hoping these unseasonably warm temps will last while we’re in the Keys.

The new header picture is from our visit to J.Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel Island.  The white birds are white Pelicans.  They are amazing birds and much bigger than their brown cousins.


  1. I really don't think you would have a problem getting into one of the two parks in The Big Cypress National Reserve... where you headed in the keys?

  2. Heyduke

    We're staying at Sunshine Key Rv resort. It's between Marathon and Big Pine. I guess we'll try one of the two cg's you mentioned.

  3. White pelicans remind me of B-52 bombers when they're flying. :)

  4. I like the pelican picture- but your last picture of the MH on the beach is a favorite of mine. Know you are looking forward to your trip to the keys. Of course, we'll be following you folks.

  5. Nice header pic!

    Hope the Solution works well on your rig. I have to do my truck now!

  6. We'er sneaking up on all of this maintenance stuff!
    We still have to wash the Alfa for the first time. I'ts looking pretty dirty.

  7. Been thinking seriously about ordering some of The Solution for our rig. Of course, with all the rain we've had here in AZ this winter, we may never get a day when we can put it on. Have a great time down in the Keys. It should be beautiful.

  8. Nice header picture although your previous one is probably my all time favorite. I'm going to have to go back through the blog to see where that was. I want to be sure and get that spot.

    Had to laugh at your cold front as I sit here in Virginia where the high has been in the 40's. Can't wait to get down there for your COLD weather. Less than 2 weeks!


  9. gorgeous header photo Karen...we do have to get us some of that 'solution' when we cross the medicine line in a couple of weeks..have a wonderful week

  10. Sherry
    The header photo I used before this one..the one of the white sandy beach campground was Red Coconuts Rv Park on Fort Myers Beach. It was a lovely campground and mostly empty!

    I don't know what kind of B-52's you've been seeing but the ones I remember from Guam were camouflage color and didn't look anything like those white pelicans :)

  11. Beautiful pic for the header!
    Pelicans are a fun bunch of birds to watch feed, they do it like a choreography! All together now!

    We have Pressure Pro tire sensors, we feel your frustration! 6 for the dually and 4 for the fifth wheel, but I think only 6 altogether work!
    You're right: GRRRRR

    Enjoy the seasonal temps!


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