Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Zephyrhills, Florida

We are settled back into our winter home and it’s surprising how many people have come back to the same site as they were last year.  Us included!

We spent yesterday running some errands and shopping for new wetsuits.  We’re looking for “shorty” wetsuits in a light weight neoprene, with a front zipper.  Like this.

Henderson Neosport Step In Jacket Mens 3MM   Divers Supply.com

The problem is most of what they’re making now have back zippers.  We both prefer front zippers so that you can unzip it a little if it’s too tight on the neck.   We found just what we wanted on the internet, but you really need to try them on, so that’s not an option for this purchase.

We are hoping to get in some diving while in the Keys, but the water temp will be a little cool without a wetsuit…at least for us. "Smile  We didn’t find anything yesterday that was affordable, so we’ll keep looking.

My plans for today are to do some chores around the house.  I really need to purge some stuff, but every time I start, I don’t get very far.  I want to get this done before we go to the Keys, so that’s the plan for this week.

Baxter is really growing and since he got neutered, he is starting to get a big chubby.  He looks real cute, but  I guess I need quit feeding him so often.

He has this cute little thing he does.  We have one of those large plastic dog dishes that I use for their water dish.  I put a glass bowl inside the dog dish (to keep it from being tipped over).  Every time I take the glass bowl out to re-fill it, Baxter climbs in the plastic dog dish and plays.  He finds that to be so much fun.  Well, as he is growing, he barely fits in the bowl…but he keeps trying.

You can see that he takes up every square inch of the bowl

Baxter in water bowl


He’s so funny.

Baxter in water bowl

He started a new (bad) habit the other day though.  He decided he would just move the water dish so that he could play in the plastic bow.   Bad Baxter!

I hope I got some pictures of him playing in the bowl while he was small. They are on my old computer and I haven’t had a chance to transfer my pictures over.  That’s a job I’m not looking forward to.   Any ideas on a quick method for transferring pictures from one computer to the other?


  1. Good luck with finding the wets suits.

    For transferring pictures I put them on an external hard drive and moved the whole works over. Keeping copies on the backup.

  2. I'd be interested to know why you want short legs rather than long if the water is cool. Apparently your legs between knees and fins don't get cold? I'd love to learn to dive.

  3. Oh, I love Baxter! Tucker will come to be if Something Better (Annie) can't be found, but he cries when she leaves. I am no consolation!

  4. I would put them on a thumb drive (USB drive, memory stick, whatever you want to call it) and then move them to the new computer. These little devices are really handy and don't cost much. I find them really handy for lots of things. When I was teaching I could keep a whole semester of Power points, photos and grades on one stick.

  5. Baxter is so cute. I love him to bits. In one of the pictures he looks a bit like a souffle!

    We always use a USB stick for transferring pictures from one computer to another.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. I guess that as long as he can fit in his food bowl, he is good to go:)

  7. when are you headed to the Keys? Weare liekly to be down there visiting friends from jan7 to jan 21...

  8. Sherry
    The reason we are looking for shortie wetsuits is comfort factor. We're not planning on any cold water diving anymore and will likely wear a "skin suit" under the shorties. A long sleeved and long leg wetsuit is a bear to get on and only comfortable while you're in the water. Since we'll be "kayak diving" they might also be too warm.

    We're arriving in the Keys on the 27th through the 10th of Jan. Maybe we'll see you there!

  9. Where are you in Zephyrhills? This is where our mobile home is located. We leave in our MH for Oscar Scherer on Sunday.
    John & Joan

  10. Oh Baxter, what a great source of enertainment you are!! You are becoming like Spartus on youtube!


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