Friday, December 16, 2011


Zephyrhills, Florida

For some reason, I just can’t get into the mood for Christmas this year.  Maybe it’s because we’re planning on leaving for the Keys the day after Christmas and I’m excited about that.  Maybe it’s because I’m just turning into an old scrooge.  Smile

Our Rv park is filling up little by little.   A couple we met last year, Betty and Robert, have returned to their site right next door to us.  We were glad to see them return.  They were a fun loving couple.  Many of the same people are returning to the same site this year.  Something else we are learning about snowbirds.

We’re having wonderful weather here in Florida  year.  The day time temperature has been  in the upper 70’s to low 80’s every day with night time temps in the upper 50’s to  low 60’s.  Boy is that perfect weather.   I love  those cold night time temps!  More of the same is predicted. It’s quite a change from last winter when we got down into the upper 20’s one night.  This is a “La Nina” year, which brings warm and dry temps to Florida.  It’s much better than last years “ El Nino” patterns!

I came across a blog this morning with an interesting post I wanted to share.  It’s on The Road Less Traveled and it’s about onions!   Supposedly, onions can cure what ails us!  It made sense to me, so I’m going to give it a try….providing the onions don’t stink up the house! 

Al is a believer in the power of Oil of Oregano.  He had read about it once and tried it when he was sick.  He swore it helped him to feel better and get over his cold much quicker.  I haven’t had the occasion to try it, but I will give it a try the next time I get sick.  It’s very strong.  He adds a couple drops of it to water or juice and I have to wash the glass right away to get rid of the stink!   A half drop would season a huge pot of chili!  It’s strong stuff. 

Anyway, since it’s cold and flu season, I thought these were both worth reading about.

I got a new printer yesterday and now I have to get it set up.  I finally broke down and bought a wireless one.  It’s the Epson Small in One,  printer, scanner, copier and it’s a bit smaller than most printers.  It’s black, which matches my décor better so that’s also a plus.  I bought it purely on size and color….don’t know a thing about how it’s rated!  I read someone’s blog a while back and they bought one, so I decided to give it a try.  It was on sale for $59, so the price was right.  I don’t use a printer often, but this one will sit on the dresser in the bedroom and since it’s wireless, it will be much more convenient. 

Al only has a few appointments today, so we’re going to do a little Christmas shopping, and go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  For those who haven’t tried it, it’s a wonderful restaurant.  It’s a salad bar on steroids, with home made soups, pasta dishes, breads and of course salads and all the trimmings.  Try it!


  1. Hm, I'd take the onion info with a rather large grain of salt. Just saying. Go on over to Snopes and have a look around. There's a lot of bunk out there unfortunately, and heaps of it gets passed around on the internet.
    Mind you, I love onions (cooked thank-you, or look out) and will use them in many different dishes. Up to you what you want to believe of course, but "interesting"?
    Not sure that's a word I'd apply to that kind of "information".

  2. Your header picture is lovely.
    Good luck with the new printer. We love our wireless one.
    Hope the shopping bug bites you today. You don't have too many more days to get that done.

  3. beautiful header picture..good luck with the shopping your down to the wire :)

  4. So glad to hear about the wonderful weather there since we are heading SOUTH in two weeks.

    I find gearing up to buy stuff at a designated date is becoming less exciting for me as well. I really don't like shopping and somehow without children at home it isn't quite the same. Although we three really do have a wonderful time getting together to exchange a few gifts and eat a lot of junk!!

  5. Forgot to say that is a GORGEOUS spot you've got there. What a great header picture. How exactly do I pull into the one next to you??? :-)

  6. So great you are getting better weather than last year, hope it holds for you guys.
    And a wireless printer is so handy to have, Ours says hooked up in the closet meant for the washer dryer and works great!

  7. Good luck with the printer - sounds like it's a perfect size. Epson makes very good products so I'm sure yours will be no exception.

  8. Seems to be some of that Scrooge stuff going around. I find that Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning without little ones around. In some ways it's better because I focus more on the birth of Christ and in other ways it's lonelier. Sounds like a great printer. That's something I'd like when and if this old thing we have ever dies. Like you, we don't use it very often so it could last as long as I do.

  9. Ack, now I'm wishing I had bought a wireless printer..I have two printers. Kinda crazy, but one is for general printer that takes cheap ink. The other is for photo printing, so the ink is more expensive.
    I like Epson printers, but I've always liked them for photo printing. Enjoy it! And I guess I'm rare because I still love Christmas!

  10. We are having some issues with what we want (or rather don't want) for Christmas. It is making the kids nuts:)

    I am going to try the onions as a cure for what ails me:)

  11. Craig once read that the Roman army traveled on eating onions.

  12. We also have some Oil of Oregano which we double wrap in baggies to keep in the smell. I don't remember now why I bought it, but I think it was during Ron's finger episode a couple years ago. It swelled up for no apparent reason and caused no end of problems. We were trying everything. Oh, and the onion doesn't smell and, what the heck, can't hurt anyway.


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