Thursday, December 22, 2011

Counting Down the Days

Zephyrhills, Florida

We got out and did a little Christmas shopping Tuesday.  I’m having a lot of trouble finding anything for my Mother.  What do you get an 82 year old woman who hardly leaves the house?

She had a birthday on the 18th of the month, so I used up any ideas I had on her birthday.  It’s the same every year.  I find her some gifts, then give them to her for her birthday and then have to start all over!

Al and I aren’t really exchanging gifts this year.  We’ve bought ourselves enough for one year!  I did buy him a book for his e-reader.  It’s called  One Second After  by William Forstchen.  He had heard it was very good.  It’s about  Electro Magnetic Pulses.

We read a series of books a few years ago by author Terri Blackstock.  The first of the series of 4 books was called,  Last Light.   Electro magnetic pulses caused most everything in the world to quit working.  Airplanes dropped from the sky, generators didn’t work, cars didn’t run.  We all depend so much on electronics, that if we were to lose them, we’d all be in big trouble.  Anyway, it makes for interesting reading.

We have been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures here in Florida this year, and enjoying every minute of it.  Last December was pretty cold.  You just never know what the weather is going to be like at Christmas.  The forecast for next week in the Keys is low 80’s during the day and low 70’s at night.  The nights will be quite a bit warmer than here, but the days will be pretty much the same.   We’re hoping it holds up. 


  1. It gets harder to buy all the time ~ maybe get her hair, nails & toes done... or take her to a nice place for lunch. Or just some precious time together somewhere. I know you'll think of something great for her!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. read some pretty deep topics.
    We exchange a few small gifts but don't do nearly what we used to do when we had a stick and brick house. Don't need it! We rather just see this wonderful country.
    Love your header picture.

  3. Know you folks are getting real anxious to head to the Keys!

  4. Would love to know what you got your mother for her birthday. I'm in the same boat except it's my 91 year old father who goes nowhere and needs nothing. But I don't want him with nothing to open on Christmas.

    Can't wait to hear about the keys.

  5. Love those warm days, huh? We could use a bit of that here in Eugene right now. Lows are in the 30's, but the highs have only been in the 40's. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Hi. Mum, 96yrs, likes perfume and skin care stuff so I do find it reasonably easy. This time I got her a soap, hand cream and lip balm set in pretty packaging. It is getting harder though as foody things like chocolates are not as popular any more. She gets books from the library and doesn't want or need any more ornaments, CDS and DVDs don't work all that well either, as she can't be bothered with anything more than her standard radio and TV programs.

    Occasionally there has been something she needed like new nightgown, pretty slippers that are comfortable etc.

    In some ways it's like buying for a child. All she wants is eye candy.... pretty packaging and nice smells. Doesn't seem to matter too much how well it works out once the joy of receiving and opening is over.

    It's not so easy when people's lives slow down. I hope you found something you feel happy about giving your mother.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Blessings from Anne and John

  7. Welcome to the geezer club! We find ourselves doing that sometimes too. Have you started using 'coupons', 2 for 1 deals? Very popular around here - drives me crazy.

    You will have a lot of fun in the Keys and the weather will be great. It's been a great December.

    I think we should buy The Solution too - maybe at the RV Show in Tampa.

  8. I know what you mean...Mike's mom is 89 and we have a horrible time trying to find her something for Christmas. She has most everything she needs, she doesn't go out much and doesn't really want anything. We had started getting gift cards but now she doesn't drive much so....what to do???

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Glad its warm where you are. We are trying to get to tha warm weather.


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