Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It’s Official

Zephyrhills, Florida

As we sat at the “Two Minute Diner” yesterday at 4:30 pm yesterday, waiting for dinner, I realized, we’re officially geezers!

We had to laugh because it’s always a joke that the snowbirds eat at 4:30…and it was just that time when we sat down to eat.  We normally don’t eat that early, in fact it’s frequently 9pm before we have dinner, but there we sat yesterday!  Of course the place was full….with other geezers.

We like this little family owned restaurant and so does everyone else in town,  because there is usually a line to get in the door.  That’s one reason we went early…that and the fact that we were starving.

We got our bellies full and went out to the Crv to head home and it wouldn’t start!  What a surprise that was.  Al thought it was a loose wire and after some kind person jumped the battery, we were able to get home.  He cleaned the battery terminals, and tightened the cables, but this morning when he tried to start it, it wouldn’t start.  I guess a new battery is probably in order.

After dinner, I got out The Solution, and decided to see how it did on the bugs on the front of the motorhome.  We hadn’t gotten around to cleaning them off yet.  I decided to try it, verses using soap and water.  It seemed to do a really good job of loosening the dried bugs and I was able to just wipe them right off!  I was very impressed with it’s bug removal!  So now the front and right side of the motor home is clean and shiny….two sides to go!  So far I’m liking it.  I’m wondering if they’ll have it for sale at the Tampa Rv Super Show?  I’ll probably get some more, if they do.  It was a little pricey at $40 for a gallon, but it seems to go pretty far.

We had a cold front and it got down to 50 overnight the night before last.  Last night it didn’t get quite that cold, but it was cool again.  We actually needed a light jacket yesterday.  I was reminded that I don’t like cold weather!   It’s been perfect here for so long with no need of heat or a/c….and I want that to continue.  The cold front is gone now and we’re back to the high 70’s to low 80’s for the daytime temps.  Perfect in my opinion.   These temps are above normal for us, so I know we’ll get more seasonal weather soon.   I just hope it lasts until we get back from the Keys.

We’re getting very anxious to get to the Keys….just a few more days until we get to our little 75 acre island paradise!

There is a Marina in the Keys,  that feeds Tarpon from their doc.  It becomes quite a feeding frenzy.  There is a nice little place in the mangroves that looked to be a nice place to kayak.  The last time we were there we hadn’t started kayaking yet, so we’ve never kayaked there.  We should be able to see a few hundred Tarpon in one spot.

The picture below is what they look like.  They usually run in schools.  They’re one of my favorite fish to see while diving because they are beautiful silver.  They look much better underwater than they do above water.  They are quite large.

Tarpon uaually win the Fight with the Angler in Florida Keys waters

Five more days until we head south!


  1. not old..just hungry!!..have fun cleaning the motorhome with the Solution!..it sure seems to be a popular product!

  2. Not geezers - Hub and I aren't and we prefer to eat earlier. Always have.
    Solution sounds like a good investment. I'll have to hunt to see if I can find it around here.

  3. Enjoy the Keys! We kayaked there often when we lived down there. Once, I was paddling along, and all of a sudden, a tarpon jumped up out of the water with a fish in his mouth! It was so amazing! The tarpon was just a couple of feet from me. Wonderful kayaking down there. Have fun!

  4. I guess we're "geezers". We regularly eat out for "lupper." That's somewhere after a normal lunch time but before supper time.

  5. The early bird gets the worm... or blue plate special in this case.

  6. Color me geezer too! I prefer eating earlier and always have. Hated that we couldn't except on the week-ends because we weren't home from work early enough.

    But I am I getting a real kick out of your "cold" front. Lows in the 50's. HAhahahaha HIGHS in the 50's here is a warming trend. Can't wait to be there!!

  7. I find it a little scary are quick we can fall into the geezer mode:)

  8. wow thats a big fish...enjoy the keys gorgeous place


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