Thursday, December 01, 2011

Meeting New Friends

Fort Myers, Florida

A day or two ago, I posted on the  Rv-Net forum, asking for interesting things to do and kayaking places in this area.  I was looking for things that weren’t as “touristy” and maybe some hidden gems that only the locals know about.

Yesterday I got a message from a guy named Dave.  He and his wife are snowbirds from Ohio, and are staying in a campground nearby.  He’s been coming here for 8 years and has done a lot of kayaking.  He was going kayaking yesterday and offered to let us tag along. 

Al and I had some errands we needed to do yesterday, so we had to decline his offer, but Dave and his kayaking friend (forgot his name) came by to meet us before they went kayaking.   Dave brought us 3 maps showing the kayaking trails in this area.  There is 190 miles of marked paddling trails in this area and these maps show them all as well as the launch areas.  This area is a paddlers paradise.  There is a lot of water here and much of it is inland and not all open water.  I think we’ll be back in Fort Myers very often.  I sure hope Thousand Trails offers this same deal next year!

It turns out we are staying very close to a great little park that has a nice kayak launch!  Who knew?   We followed them there to be sure we could find it.  We hope to meet up with them again and go kayaking….but not today…it’s too cold!   Dave even offered to let us use his sea kayaks!  Rv’ers are the nicest people!

This morning we have some chores to do and then we’ll have to see what comes up this afternoon.  Our original plan was to work around the house, but after looking online at all the interesting places around here….we’re going to play instead of work. Smile

A “cold” front moved in last night.  It got down to 49 degrees!  That may not seem very cold to some of you, but in Florida with the humidity, it can feel pretty cold.  It should get into the low 70’s today and then back into the 80’s in a day or two.  We are anxious to do some kayaking once it gets a tad warmer!


  1. Rain and wind here in AZ today. How wonderful to get a map of all the places to go. You will have so much fun.

  2. Sounds GREAT! Hope you'll try out all those paddling possibilities and then share the best ones with those of us who will be comin' on down soon.


  3. Looking forward to a paddling blog! Yes, the "housework" can wait, just have fun!

  4. Looking forward to a paddling blog! Yes, the "housework" can wait, just have fun!

  5. We're heading south of Tampa in mid January. Would love to have a copy of that kayak trails map. Could you take a picture of it and post it on your blog ;o))

    Can't wait to hear about some of the trails you do paddle!!

  6. Well, I am in Ocala WITHOUT! my kayak. Darn. I hoped to get over to Passe-a-Grille, but probably won't make it as far south as Fort Myers this time. Maybe next time we can cross paths in real time, and in the mean time, I'll keep reading about your kayak adventures in beautiful Florida waters.

  7. Sounds like you have met some very nice folks!

  8. the housework will always be there waiting for us...get out and make some new paddling memories :)

  9. I am so envious about the kayaking. Do you know the name of the little park that has the kayak launch? Is there a website where you can find the marked paddling trails? Thanks for any info! I'm still saving for a SeaKayak, one of those inflatable ones...but rent whenever and wherever I can. I'd love to see the kayak trails map, too!


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