Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 73, low 59)

We finally got to meet up with fellow bloggers Pam and Vic from  Traveling in the Big EZ.

We were in the Keys the same time, and planned on meeting there, but Pam had a death in the family and had to leave early so that meeting never happened.

Anyway, we finally got together at their place and really enjoyed visiting with them.  They have a really beautiful Phaeton motor home and were very gracious hosts.  Thanks Pam and Vic.  I can’t remember the name of that drink you served me, but I remember how to make it!  It was yummy.  (vodka, fresh orange juice, fresh grapefruit juice, and pomegranate juice)


They have two Portuguese Water dogs.  I’ve never seen that breed before and they are really beautiful dogs.

Just look at this adorable face!


Thanks again Pam and Vic.  I hope to get together again soon and go kayaking together!


After leaving Pam and Vic’s, we came back home before dark and debated on whether or not to go to the clubhouse for the New Years Eve party.

Boy can you tell we’re getting old.

Years ago (and not that many) we would have been out partying and probably have ended up with a hangover this morning. 

We decided not to go to the party and just hang around at home and watch a couple episodes of Homeland.  We were in bed before midnight.   Aren’t we the fun couple?



Normally New Years Eve brings  resolutions for self improvement for the new year.  I usually resolve to get organized, lose weight, eat healthier and get more exercise.

This past year, we became vegans, so at least, we are eating much healthier.  We both lost weight when we first went to the vegan lifestyle, but that has slowed down, or stopped is a more accurate term.  I think the problem is that we learned how much really good food we could eat as vegans, and are still eating too many calories.  Yes, they are healthy calories, but they are still calories.  We resolve to work on more weight loss and getting more exercise.

One thing we definitely are going to work on is to get better organized, and reduce “stuff”.  When you live in a motor home, you really have to keep “stuff” to a minimum.  We have not been following the rule of tossing something out whenever we buy something new.  It’s a continuing battle to keep things pared down and organized when you live in such a small space.



Although we didn’t get to travel all over the east coast like many other fulltimers, we did enjoy our travels the past year.

We started 2012 in the Florida Keys and then again in March and April, and back again November/December.  We spent some time in the Everglades, Kissimmee Prairie (loved that) ,  Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC.  We fell in love with North Carolina and hope to go back this summer and maybe even stay through October. 

It was a very good year.

Happy New Year to all!


  1. From the blogs I've read this morning, I don't think very many of us were still awake to welcome in the New Year. :)

  2. We were in bed by 10:30...made an attempt to go down to poolside and watch the entertainment, but it was too crowded so back home we came...Happy New Year to you both!

  3. We use to tape the ball drop in Times Square and watch in the morning. Now we don't do that and some how the new years comes anyway;o))

    Happy 2013!!!!

  4. We stayed up until midnight (EST) out here in California so we counted that!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new Year, we actually made it till midnight and no hangover to boot. Must be getting oild.

  6. We didn't go to our club party either. Did see the ball drop in Times Square but that was it for us. Happy New Year. Have a wonderful 2013.

  7. Same here in bed by 10 and feel great today..

    Happy New Year!!

  8. We did manage to welcome in the New Year, for the first time in many years but we were in bed shortly thereafter :)

    Happy 2013 to you!

  9. Hope your 2013 is great, Happy New Year!

  10. I turned in early but was awakened by all kinds of fireworks going off at midnight, seems I was either in a war zone or people here in South Carolina celebrate like it is the Fourth of July.

    Onward to 2013!

  11. We celebrate the ringing of the new year when countries to our east do so ... does that count?

  12. Happy New Year. We did stay up but didnt realize it was midnight until we heard the fireworks going off. We said our happy new years to each other and went to bed. exciting huh..

  13. Thanks for the acknowledgement of our meeting in your blog. Love the photo of Mr. Rico's face. We sure enjoyed sharing travel stories with you and Al and appreciated all the wisdom you have to share with us newbies.

    The drink name is the Matrix. We made it to midnight only because I made some espresso after you left! Happy New Year and ditto on your resolutions.

  14. Karen, I've responded to all of your emails about the book, but I guess they didn't go through. My address is Judy Bell
    3541 Suwannee Canal Road
    Folkston, GA 31537

    Don't know what the problem is, but thanks for the offer! :)

  15. I would like to announce that we were awake for the dropping of the cactus.

    Our vegan weight loss has stalled, too. We're thinking about a reboot now that holiday nog is no longer on the shelves.

  16. Isn't the Obama's dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog? I believe so.

    Have a Happy New Year! Oh, that drink sounds very yummy, BTW.


  17. I think your travels for 2012 we were pretty impressive. Happy New Year!!

  18. I had to laugh when I read you watched Homeland episodes because we did the exact same thing! Homeland and a little champagne....great night, we thought!

  19. It's great to get together with RVing friends isn't it? Nice review of the year. We have experience with vegans, our son has been one for 11 or 12 years. Happy New Year!


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