Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flu Shots and Popcorn


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 83, low 59)

Al kept hearing how bad the flu epidemic is getting,  so he wanted to get a flu shot.  I’m not a big fan of any kind of needles, so I was dragging my feet, until I started remembering the last time I had the flu.  It was probably 20 years ago and we had been to the 21st birthday party of the twin children of some of our friends.  We all had a merry old time, singing karaoke, dancing, and carrying on and spreading germs.  There may have been some alcohol involved as well.  :)    Anyway a few days later we all started dropping like flies.  I think that was the sickest I’ve ever been.  

So….we both went and got flu shots at our doctors office.  Easy, fast and best of all painless!


I stayed home yesterday and did some cleaning and laundry.   I was behind and yesterday was warm and sunny, so I figured I could use my little clothes line that Al made me a few years ago.  We have the single Splendide washer/dryer combo and it’s slow going getting the clothes to dry.  Using the clothes line sure moves it along quicker.


Al worked doing his pest control all day, but came home under the weather.  He had a “belly ache.”

Al loves popcorn but popcorn doesn’t love him.  Several years ago he had a bad bout with diverticulitis and ended up on antibiotics.  He was a very sick guy.  He was advised to stay away from seeds and popcorn.  He missed his popcorn, but decided it wasn’t worth the pain.   Until recently.

Now that he’s vegan and eating more fiber, he thought he could have some popcorn.  Last week he ate several bags of microwave popcorn and when he walked in the door complaining of a belly ache, I knew exactly what was wrong.

I’ve learned when he says those words to start doctoring him immediately.  We learned the best thing to relieve the symptoms is Aloe Vero juice and papaya tablets

I had read about this home remedy on the internet several years ago.  He was having a bout of diverticulitis and since we didn’t have anything to lose, we tried it. Actually back then, it was papaya juice, but we’ve since modified it to papaya tablets.  I’m not even sure the papaya is necessary, but we use them just in case.  I believe the Aloe Vera juice is the key.

The first time we tried the aloe vera and papaya, we were able to avoid another round of antibiotics and he started feeling better almost immediately.  After that he started taking aloe vera juice  every day until he read that you shouldn’t take it that often.

He’s back on the aloe vera.  If he starts feeling better we may do something fun like go to the beach.  If not, we’ll be staying home.

We’ll see, I guess.  In the meantime, he has agreed maybe he will stay away from popcorn.


Can someone remind me how to make my photos so that when it’s clicked on, they enlarge?

I thought I had mine set that way but I clicked on a photo yesterday and it stayed the same size.  


No, there’s not a full moon right now.  This is just another picture I found when looking through old photos. 




  1. Oh dear, I know all about that diverticulitis thing. Got it. Hate it. Have to be careful. Seeds, nuts, raspberry jam. (tiny seeds)
    I try to have a helping of yoghurt every day. I think it helps. It's been working so far.
    Hope Al feels better.

  2. Karen, I think this blog post should explain how to set your photo defaults in Live Writer:

    Displaying a larger image when your photo is clicked on

    If you are using the Blogger Editor just go to Settings and check 'use Lightbox'.

  3. So sorry Al. Giving up popcorn would be a real punishment for both of us too. Hope the remedies work their charms.

  4. Hope Al is feeling better soon. There was a story on our local (Oregon) news last night that several places have run out of flu vaccine. Glad you both got yours as it appears to be shaping up as a bad flu season.

  5. Glad ya'll got the flu shots. This is a bad flu season. Now at our advanced age, Judy and I get our shot each Nov.


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