Thursday, January 24, 2013

And We Have Lift-Off


We’re on the road to Kissimmee Prairie, but our day has not been without a bit of stress.  More on that later.

The big news is that Mr. Bax no longer has a rubber band inside him.  Don’t ask me how I know.  :)   

No, I do not have pictures either!

See ya on the prairie!


  1. Too funny Good Luck Duck! Glad Mr. Bax is good to go!

    Looking forward to your next adventure! Be safe and enjoy....

  2. So Baxter "moved on" from his rubber band adventure? What's he going to do next?

    I'd like to borrow him, he would help me make interesting posts on slow blog days... ;c)

  3. Not asking, just happy Mr. Baxter is better.

  4. Knew he would be OK. Everything in the past.

  5. Good news, glad everything's o.k.

  6. Glad that Baxter's problem "passed". Enjoy the Prairie!

  7. Hope Kissimmee is as great in winter as it was for you last time you were there. Well done Baxter. None the worse for wear and tear I assume. BIG kitties can handle a lot.


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