Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rubber Band Man


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 70, low 40)

We’re supposed to be on the road to Kissimmee Prairie State Park, but we’re a bit uncomfortable leaving until Mr. Baxter “eliminates” his rubber band.

We’ve been watching him closely, feeding him lots of spinach, kale and chard…and hoping for the best.  No success yet!  We have about decided to hang out here one (hopefully) more day and see what happens.  I’m going to pick up some pumpkin today and see if that helps.  I had forgotten about that.  Hopefully since he’s such a big cat, (we’re up to 15 pounds now) the rubber band will pass easily through his system.  Bad Baxter!


The good news is that we have one more day to go to the gym.  This new gym is wonderful and we have really enjoyed our membership.  I love the fact that the aerobic machines all have a TV screen.  You can watch TV, listen to music, play games, or surf the internet all while you’re working out. There is a jack where you plug in your own ear piece.  It sure makes the time pass quicker and I find I stay on the machine longer.  I usually find two TV shows to watch. When there is a commercial on one, I switch to the other.  What normally happens is, I have to exercise until the programs are over.  I watched one the other day about lottery winners. That was interesting seeing how much their lives had changed.   Of course the best part of the gym experience is the heated therapy pool!


  1. I like fitness gyms like that, too! Have you lost any more weight since you've been doing that? Hope things come out well (tee her) for Baxter!

  2. oh Baxter!..hopefully he will 'eliminate' this soon!

  3. Right with you on the gym! I have a treadmill at home and watch Net flix movies. Keeps me going.

  4. Karen,
    Maybe you need to do like Merikay Baxter his own treadmill and Netflix movies. Maybe those will "keep HIM going." ha ha.


  5. I always say "cats are so much smarter than dogs" (only to cat people!), but there are times when I doubt myself. Cats have a better sense of self-preservation! I say, but then there are those moments. Oh, Bax.

  6. Baxter was just trying to stretch his dinner... ;c)

  7. Oh I sure hope the rubber band comes out really soon ~ darn those little buggers! Sounds like you found a nice gym ~ that is good... I like the machines with tv's too...Hope everything comes out well!
    Have fun


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