Monday, January 28, 2013



I got the dreaded 403 error when trying to publish the blog on Live Writer.

It took me a while to remember the error is due to running out of storage on Google.  I then remembered an e-mail I got recently from Google.  I need to let them know what I want to do on my account, but my internet here is so slow that it’s just too frustrating to deal with.

I am not sure this blog will post even without any pictures.  Let’s see if I can post a blog without pictures.

I guess I won’t be posting any more blogs from the prairie.


  1. Well, there you are, seems that it posted. I store all my photos on google, I hope it never dies.

  2. I seem to remember a similar error that caused me to have to purchase some storage space for my photos. Hope you can solve the problem so we can see more of your great photos from the prairie.

  3. I also bought more Google storage. And after I download my pictures I store them on a separate back-up drive. I will be so sad and missing your pictures! Hope you get it all worked out. How long will you be at the prairie? Good luck!

  4. Well that is a serious bummer as I really want to see your visit to the prairie so relatively soon after ours.

  5. Yes, I too purchased Google storage for $4.99/month. Seems to be giving me plenty of space. Plus I back up my computer with all photos on a backup drive.

  6. I store all my pictures on an external hard drive and discs to prevent that problem.

  7. You're a member of Google+, right Karen? If so, all photos less than 2048 pixels on the longest edge should be stored free and you have unlimited storage for those.

    If you upload photos larger in size then they will be counted against your 1GB of free Picasa Web Album storage and that is what causes the 403 error in most cases.

    What size are the photos you are uploading for your blog? It might be worth checking that.


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