Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Good Day to Relax


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 74, low 40)

We had a wonderful Christmas with my Mom and brother. Mom made her special home made pizza for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  We modified it to make it almost vegan.  We did sprinkle on a bit of cheese, but no pepperoni. On Christmas Day she made a beef roast.  We had beef for the first time in five months.  We didn’t figure it would kill us.

We decided against an early morning Christmas day trip to the beach and instead did a 4 mile hike at Hillsborough River State Park later that morning.  I guess the Christmas beach tradition was more enjoyable when we lived in Georgia and didn’t get to the beach as much.  We just couldn’t muster the energy to get out of bed early and go.

Today, it looks like it  will be raining most of the day, so it looks like we’re staying home and starting this season of Homeland.  That’s a really good series on Showtime if anyone is looking for something good to watch.  My brother put both seasons on a flash drive for us, so we’re can watch as much or as little as we like and on our schedule.  A few other really great series we enjoy are: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire.  A lot of these can be found at your local library.

The past few days have been just loads of fun.

First, we had to take our kitty Chatty to the vet on Thursday morning.  He had been throwing up most of the night.  I had big plans for the next two days and didn’t want to deal with any major issues for a while.  The vet didn’t really find anything wrong with him and he seems to be doing better now.  We’re wondering if it was because we’d given him some roast beef the night before.

Yesterday, we finally finished up the last of our medical tests.  For years I had been procrastinating getting a colonoscopy and finally got that done yesterday.   I’m happy to say I passed with flying colors.   I used the Miralax prep mixed with Crystal Light lemonade flavored mix. I have a problem drinking anything medicinal, so I was a tad worried about getting all 64 ounces of the solution down. It tasted like lemonade, and wasn’t loaded with sugar making me sick on an empty stomach.  I’m putting this in the blog so I can remember next time, in 7-10 years when I have to have another one.  I’m going to try to be better next time and do it when it’s expected.  I had visions of them finding something that totally could have been prevented.  I think that would be hard to deal with.

I had never had any surgery or anesthetic, before, so I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I have to say being put under was lovely!  I had a couple nice dreams and a really good nap.

When we got home,  I made Al fix my lunch, clean up the mess afterwards, and generally wait on me hand and foot all the rest of the day.  He complained a bit saying it was only a colonoscopy, not major surgery.  I reminded him how many times I’ve taken care of him after surgeries, so he owed me.  He shut up and went to work.  :)  I spent most of the afternoon watching tv/napping. I don’t know if it was missing most of the previous two nights sleep, or due to the anesthesia, but I was really sleepy all day.


  1. That's great that all went well.
    Relax and enjoy the pampering!

  2. Isn't it great to have that behind you (pun intended). I'm always really out of it for the rest of the day also. Glad the results are good and you are set for many years.

  3. I have never watched homeland. I might give it a shot this winner.

    Glad you got good test results. I know each time I have one done I'm concerned until I get the results.

  4. Bet you're glad to get the colonoscopy "behind" you. The prep is the worst part of it.

    Thanks for the tip on waterproofing the awning, that will certainly help until I can get the leak fixed properly. Al is a genius! But you already knew that, right? ;c)

  5. The prep is worse than the procedure but I guess you now know that. Glad the results were good.

  6. No surgery EVER? Wowwie. I'm glad for you that everything came out okay - HAHAHAHAHA! "Came out okay." Get it?

    I did the PEG solution as prescribed and couldn't keep it down. Next time I will start earlier in the day drinking a more dilute solution.

  7. There is this new recommendation ( I am sure to save money) that says if your first one after fifty is clean another is not really required. I like the sound of that:)

  8. You sure have some bloggers commenters with a sense of humor! Glad you got that finished

  9. Glad you finally got the colonoscopy done and that the results were good. It's so nice when the hubby breaks down and takes care of us, isn't it? :)

  10. Well, that is the "end" of that for a few more years! So happy you got a perfect score on your test.

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  12. Glad you followed through with the colonoscopy. It's easy to put those off. We liked the Homeland series too and are looking forward to the new season. It won quite a few Emmys this year. I would add Happy New Year, but I am delighted that we will finally get the chance to say that in person tomorrow!


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