Saturday, December 08, 2012

Looking for Three Hole Harry

Sunshine Key Resort, Florida

Finally, on our second to last day here, the winds died down enough for us to get the kayaks out.

We launched the kayaks here at Sunshine Key, in search of  “Three Hole Harry.”   To read about him, click here.  

This is a picture from last April, of Harry and Al.  He is a 5-6 foot nurse shark.

Al kayaking with nurse shark in they keys

Yesterday, the water was not quite as clear, and unfortunately, we never did find Harry.   I did find a ledge where there was something that resembled a tail of a large fish, but I couldn’t get a good enough view to tell for sure. 

We stayed in this area for quite a while, looking for ledges and tropical fish.  Al spotted a few lobster, including one dead one, and I spotted a juvenile French Angle fish.  Cool!

This was the Bay side of the island and once the slack tide started, we decided to head under the bridge and go into the Atlantic side.



Al spotted a few more small lobsters, but he didn’t go in after them.  (the water is a bit chilly)


We puttered around for a while, then decided we needed to stretch our legs.  We found this pretty little beach area between Bahia Honda State Park and Sunshine Key.


There was a pretty mangrove tunnel.


I found this cute little hermit crab.  Can you see his little eyes?

hermit crab

and a nice area to beach the kayaks.


I hung the camera from a branch, set the timer and took a pretty ugly picture of us, my hat hair, dive booties and all…..but at least the back ground looked good.

Karen and Al kayaking near Sunshine Key

We planned on paddling around the whole island, but then we started noticing some dark skies.  I checked the radar on my trusty Droid phone and we decided to head back to the marina at Sunshine Key. 

We paddled back under another bridge and into the marina.



We ended up giving up paddling for the day, although the rain never came, there were a lot of storm clouds on the horizon.


We did find this friendly fella at the marina.

Evidently,  Manatees living in salt water really like a drink of fresh water.  These people had a garden hose and were giving the Manatee a drink.

Manatee at Sunshine key Marina

Manatee at Sunshine key Marina

A face only a mother could love?

Manatee at Sunshine key Marina

Probably not the best idea, but she said when the boaters rinse their motors out, the manatee will get behind them and drink the fresh water.

We went back home, then decided we’d go back to the Sunset Bar and Raw Bar for happy hour. 

We had a pretty good sunset, but the cloud bank threatened to ruin our view.

Sunset Grill and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida

Around sunset what we thought was a few guys in a band playing music and singing.  It turned out to just be one guy.  He was terrific.  Of course he played some Jimmy Buffet songs.  When he sang something by Willie Nelson, I had to check to make sure Willie wasn’t there.

We usually leave right after sunset so we don’t have to drive home in the dark (its an old age thing I guess), but last night we stayed.

We were rewarded by the beautiful changing colors of the swimming pool.

You can see here where it’s turquoise.  Also, notice in the ocean the green lights?  Those are underwater lights by the boat dock.


the pool then starts to change to  pink/purple color.


then, my favorite, a deep ocean blue, which reminds me of the time we went across the Gulf Stream on a dive boat.  We all got out and snorkeled in water just about this same color.  It was 2000 feet deep, crystal clear and deep blue.  It was incredible.


Al says if we go back, I will be limited to two drinks.  Apparently, I don’t handle three very well. Smile with tongue out

On the way out we decided to  walk down to the lower level and walk out on the dock. 

Once we got down on the dock, it was a whole different experience.


Here is the transportation of someone who came for happy hour.  I hope he didn’t have three drinks!

IMG_7025 These are those pretty green lights you can see from the upper deck. They attract fish and there were a lot of Snook swimming around.

Here is one I took of Al on the dock.  I used my flash so the other lights didn’t show up.

Sunset Grill and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida

This is a picture of the beautiful tree next to me where we sit.  It reminded me of North Carolina.  To the left is the dining room.

Sunset Grill and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida

They also have a huge tv screen downstairs for the football games they show.

Sunset Grill and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida

It’s a lovely place.

Even the parking lot was festive.

Sunset Grill and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida

We sure love this place, as you can probably tell.

The plan for today (Sunday) was to spend it kayaking.  It was supposed to be calm, and sunny, but we awoke to clouds and scattered rain showers all around us.  I guess we’ll have to go to plan b and see if it clears up.  I sure hope so, since today is our last day in the Keys.  


  1. That isn't an ugly photo. You were very creative with the tree branch.

    Wonderful photos of the Bar. Beautiful place.

  2. The colors and the lights are gorgeous. Well worth the driving at night, which we also hate. Hope you didn't have a hang over from your three drinks. lol

  3. we are missing the Keys right about now...

  4. I think those 3 drinks must have hit you pretty hard as it's Saturday today not Sunday!

    Beautiful photos of the bar and pool.

  5. Glad you were able to get on the water finally, too bad your are leving soon.

  6. Don't you just love seeing palm trees decorated like "Christmas" trees? You sure take some nice night shots.... Looks like a great place to be.

  7. Maybe that manatee would have enjoyed your third drink? You certainly don't need it if you lose track of your days of the week. ;c)

    That is a nice picture of you and Al, I liked it, it's nice to see you enjoying paradise.

  8. Great area. We should get down there. If you're in the Tampa area on January 17, we have a group of RV'ers meeting at the hospitality tent at the Tampa RV show at 11:30. I hope you can come. Several RV-Dreams people will be there. We're trying to get all those in Fla that's within distance to drive or park the RV in the parks closeby.

  9. cool photos of the manatee, I hope they will still be there when we get there in early January! Love Sunset Grille, we plan on spending a lot of time there, too! Never knew the pool changed colors like that.


  10. Enjoyed all the photos !!!! Not sure how the KEY'S CALENDAR reads but today is Saturday ....Sure hope you didn't leave a day early !!!!!! The SUNSET GRILL is a super place.... Just glad you have had such a great time there..... Hey come on, you deserve the good time and FUN ..... CHEERS ALL THE WAY AROUND !!!
    Karen, thought of you today.... Found a parking place and a pleasant time shopping at the Sarasota Trader Joes ...... Enjoyed it this time.....please try again when you get a chance !!!
    Hope the trip back is safe and relaxing ......SallyB

  11. Glad you got to enjoy the kayaks, the manatee shots were interesting too.

  12. Looks like you had one of those magical days in the Keys--three drinks and all. Love the gorgeous photos of the many colors of Sunset Grille. Hope your last day there is another good one. Safe travels.

  13. wow you always have the best pictures..what a lovely place...and so festive...


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