Saturday, December 01, 2012

Long Key State Park

Sunshine Key Rv Resort, Florida  (highs 77, low 69)

Clouds and scattered rain showers were predicted yesterday, so we decided it would be good day for a drive up to Long Key State Park.    It’s at mile marker 67.5, so it was less than 30 miles.  We always enjoy driving on the overseas highway, so it was a nice drive, despite the cloudy weather.

We camped at Long Key State Park several years ago.  The price is $33 a night, plus tax which brings you to over $40 I believe.

These sites fill up 11 months in advance for the winter months.  Once in a while you might find a cancellation, but for the most part they will be full from January through March.  Yesterday, there were plenty of empty sites, but the ranger told us they only had 2 empty sites for the week-end.

All the sites are waterfront and are on the Atlantic side.  There is no real beach and not a lot of sand due to the shallow shoreline here in the Keys.  If you’re looking for miles of white sandy beaches,  then the Keys will disappoint you.     

There is a lot of sargassum grass offshore in they Keys and it does come ashore, covering the little sand on the beaches.  It is kind of stinky, so when you’re driving around in the Keys and smell and odor, this is probably what it is.  It’s a good thing though, because juvenile fish and turtles use it for protection.  I’ve also heard it makes into a “tasty” tea to reduce phlegm.  I can’t say I’ve tried that though!

Long Key State Park, Florida Keys


The main road is paved, but the sites are all sand.

Long Key State Park, Florida Keys

There are quite a few smaller tent sites and many larger rv sites.  A 40 footer could easily fit into most of these.

Long Key State Park, Florida Keys site 23

The sites have 30 or 50 amp electric, and all sites have water.  No sewer.

The sites have the power and electric sharing between two sites.  The even sites have the power/electric on the left as you look at the ocean. 

If you have a motorhome and pull in forward (which I recommend) then the power is on the correct/left side.   If you get an odd site, the power would be on the right side as you face the ocean.   My advice is to bring a power cord and hose extension, because your hook-ups will likely be further away than in most campgrounds.  The connections are closer to the water than the road…for some reason.

Long Key State Park, Florida Keys, site 22 left side power good for pulling in forward

There are three nice bath houses with showers, but  we didn’t see any washer/dryers.   The campground (like most everything in the Keys) is right off the main highway.  You will hear some road noise, but the view is worth it.

After we left Long Key, we went up to World Wide Sportsman, which is similar, and maybe owned by Bass Pro shops.  It’s a very nice store, with lots of interesting things.   We only ended up buying a bag of kettle corn. 

There is a restaurant and marina next door.  We caught these guys at the bait shop.  There was live bait swimming in the bin they were sitting on.


Of course, we had to get some pelican shots.


We stopped at a dive shop, then K-mart and headed home.  We got a bit of rain off and on and lots of clouds, but nothing too strong.

We still haven’t had a good day to kayak.  It’s been pretty windy every day, so we’re finding other things to do.  For snorkeling, diving and kayaking, the winter is pretty “iffy.”  We hope to get back down in April.

The plans for today haven’t been decided.  Tune in tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the pictures of the State park, we were across the road at Fiesta Key for our week, but like you said,kinda cold and windy, it should be so much nicer in April I am sure.

  2. The reason the utilities are closer to the beech is they can be run throught the sand easier than cutting through all the tree roots.

    Beautiful sights though. We might be able to get there next year. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. The sites at the SP puts you right on the beach. I would really like to visit there.

  4. I love the header picture with the iguana!

  5. Who cares if it's a little windy in the Keys, it's still better than scraping ice off the windshield like we had to do yesterday morning in VA as we head South.

  6. Thanks for the state park Information. I'm still dreaming some day I'll get a reservation at one of them.

  7. Great header photo. Looks like a pretty nice spot to camp out to me.


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