Friday, November 30, 2012

Walking the Old 7 Mile Bridge

Ohio Key, Florida  (high  78, low 70)

Yesterday was another breezy day here, but it was sunny and not too hot.  It’s been a bit too breezy for good kayaking.  I hope that changes soon.

It was a perfect day for the 2 mile one way trip on the old  “ 7 Mile Bridge” over to Pigeon Key.

We drove over the new 7 Mile bridge, parked in the parking lot and started walking.


I would have hated to drive the motorhome over this narrow old bridge.


It was quite breezy and we started with a tail wind.  Smile

The skies were nice and blue.  A large flock of Pelicans flew right overhead.


A Loggerhead Turtle came up for a breath of air.

loggerhead turtle

We walked towards Pigeon Key.  It’s an island with some old buildings on it, and is now a  tourist attraction.  We decided if it wasn’t too expensive we might pay the money and take the tour.



We decided it was a little pricey for what it was, so we turned around and started the two mile walk back.



The next picture shows the new bridge in the background.  I was standing at the end of the walking portion of the old span.





They were doing some work on the bridge.  Those guys were pretty high up and it was really windy.  Scary….


The old bridge/walking trail needs some maintenance.  The county can’t afford it and may let the bridge just fall into the ocean.  There is a group trying to collect donations to save the old bridge span.   It really is a nice place to walk, so I hope they’re able to save it.  You can see what a nice trail they have made.


At the end a guy was selling t-shirts and hats, and accepting donations for saving the bridge.

He has some native help.



You find these huge Iguana’s all over these islands.  They can get quite large.

After our 4 mile walk, we went to the grocery store (again) and got a few more things.

I found some “polenta” in the vegan area and decided to try it.  It’s a corn product in a tube.  I cut a few slices off, fried them in a little olive oil, added salt, pepper, and garlic and then put some of our leftover spaghetti sauce on top of them.  Yummy…I think we’ll be eating it again.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that we really like Lightlife Vegan and Vegetarian Products.  We decided to try some of their frozen blackbean veggie burgers,  and boy were they good!   They are vegetarian though, not vegan.  We decided to try them anyway. They had some cheese and milk products in them, but they are nice for a change.   I was surprised how good they were.

We got some rain last night and I think there is a possibility of some stray showers throughout the day today.  It’s pretty breezy again, so kayaking will probably be out.   That’s okay though, there are plenty of other things to do here in the Florida Keys.


  1. Great photos today, Karen! Love the iguana photos.. I keep reading about what you are eating, and think, we have to do something different about our diet. Wish the stores would have eating samples of the different vegan things so we could try before we buy.

  2. We've been eating vegan for about 2 months so I like reading about your food experiences. Love the photos of the iguanas!

  3. excellent photos...hope they can save that lovely bridge...

  4. OK, I am sold on the keys. Told hubby we must get there after Alaska next summer. Looks like they have everything we love..Rays, turtles, birds warm weather :). Thank you for sharing. Love to read your blog.

  5. We are not far away…down the road a Mile marker 3. We'll be here until at least after New Years. It is taking me forever to do a post about the Everglades so I thought I'd leave a note here. Flamingo is a pretty good campground. It has a lot of RV spaces so you should have no problem. 30 amp is about $32. We opted to boon dock for $16/night. Lots and lots of places to throw your canoes in and we'd recommend the boat tour. It was excellent. Nice meeting you two at Midway Campground!

  6. Nice pics of todays hike. Hope the wind lets up for you, so you can get out in your kayaks


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