Friday, November 02, 2012

This and That

Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 80, low 53

Burrr…it’s been cold in Florida.  Of course, you have to remember we are long time Floridians and we have thin blood.   When we visited with Carol and John last week, they were wearing t-shirts and shorts and we were wearing long pants and jackets.  We haven’t had to use the a/c for several days, but we do have to crank on the heat pump for a while in the mornings.  We’re loving it though.  Summer was too hot and too long.

Al went back to the doctor for the one week follow up to the sinus surgery.  All is well, but the doctor wants to see him one more time before we go to the Keys.  He can resume his normal activities.  The surgery didn’t turn out to be as bad as we had expected, probably since they didn’t have to put any packing in the nose after the surgery.  I guess they don’t always have to do that now and Al was lucky that it wasn’t necessary for him.  Al has felt pretty bad all week, but it was mostly just feeling run down.  He didn’t have too much discomfort from the surgery, just a lot of pressure in his head.  It seems to be getting better and he’s back walking again.

We extended our reservations in the Keys.  We had wanted to be there for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t make reservations in time.  It’s a long drive down there and we like to stay as long as possible.   We can  stay a maximum of 14 nights under our Thousand Trails contract, but there are limited sites available. We also  can get a discount as Thousand Trails members, so we decided to pay for one additional week.  It’s costing us $320 (plus tax)  for that one week and $47.25 total for the other two weeks. 

We have been frustrated with Thousand Trails, and it it weren’t for the nice resort in the Keys, I ‘m not sure we would renew the membership. Lately, every time we try to make a TT reservation, there is a problem.   First, we never got our bonus $25 for referring Margie and Roger.    They still owe us another month on our membership, but that’s another story and I’ll probably just give up on that one. 

When we tried to make a reservation in August, under the Max Pass portion of the membership, we weren’t able to do so online and it had to be fixed.  Apparently they lost us in the system.   I was supposed to get a call back after it was fixed, but of course, I never did.   When I tried to make a reservation this time, I was able to book the site online, but it told we would owe over $800 for the two weeks.   Wrong.

We are supposed to get 30 days free camping and then after the 30 days, we only have to pay $3.00 a night.   Until now, the $3.00 a night was without tax.  Now, they are taxing us on that too.  

Somehow when they lost us in the system, they also lost the number of free days we have.  I believe they owe us a few more, but I’m not exactly sure how many since I can’t go back to our old records.   What a mess.

The people who work there are always very nice and try to get your problems resolved.  However, there always seem to be new problems to resolve.  Thousand Trails really needs to get their act together.   

But……we have reservations for three weeks in the Florida Keys.  We will be arriving on November 18th.  I just need to break the news to Mom that we won’t be here for Thanksgiving.   Of course things can always change, so we’re trying not to get too excited!


Yeah….the Keys are on our minds…



circumnavigating Sunshine Key Rv Park by kayak

circumnavigating Sunshine Key Rv Park by kayak


  1. Wonderful news about Al.

    We get out of this COLD weather tomorrow. Can't wait to see those sunny skies that you are looking at right now.

  2. Three weeks in the Keys sounds very nice. :)

  3. Cold weather? 80F sounds pretty darned good to me.

    Thanksgiving in the Florida Keys sounds pretty good too.

  4. We can't wait to get down to Key West in January. Haven't been there in our RV since 2004. I was there a couple of times for work, but that wasn't for fun. :c(

  5. Glad to hear Al is doing well...we are hoping to get to the keys during our winter in Fl this year even if just for a couple of days...I would keep after them about your free days and referrals...dont' give up

  6. We are also excited to try our kayaks in the Keys. Our plans are quite similar as we will be there mid-Nov thru the first week of Dec. We will be staying in my brother's driveway in Marathon only a few miles from you. I would love to have you share your favorite spots. My dream is to snorkel for lobsters. Are you in?


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