Monday, November 26, 2012

Trying to Get Back on Island Time

Ohio Key, Florida  (high 77, low 66)

It sure feels warmer this morning than I has the past few weeks in Tampa.  Do you think it’s because we’re 200+ miles south?   We’re back at Sunshine Key Rv Resort in the Florida Keys.   We’re at mile marker 38.  Key West is mile marker “0” and the southernmost point in the United States.  Cuba is 90 miles away.   This is our third trip to this park, and we feel right at home.  We’re on site 157.  It’s a large site,  easy to get into and for the moment we have no next door neighbors.  We can even see the Ocean from our window.

We managed to leave Midway Campground early(for us) and were on the road by 8:15 or so.

Construction on highway 41 was terrible with a lot of barricades making for some really narrow lanes, and some stressful driving.

Once we got into the Keys,  we noticed heavier traffic going north then the direction we were going. 

The drive on the overseas highway was pretty as always.


We got here about noon, set up and then Al took off to a local bar that was showing the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's  game.  He was hoping to pick it up on our tv, but it  wasn’t so he had to find a bar that had the NFL ticket.  He came home a little unhappy since they lost.  The game was close so he wasn’t as upset as he would have been if they had played badly.

We took a long walk around the park and then over the bridge that leads to Sunshine Key.  It’s always fun to walk on the bridge because you never know what you might see swimming below.  We thought we might see a lot of critters, since it was an incoming high tide with an almost full moon, but the only thing we saw was fishing line left by inconsiderate fishermen.  Why are fishermen such slobs?  Don’t they know all that  fishing line tangles up the poor birds, turtles and marine life?  Don’t they know fish and turtles eat the plastic bags not knowing it’s not food?  Do they think someone else should have to pick up their trash?   While I’m on my rant, I also don’t understand why they can’t throw things they catch, and  don’t want back into the water.  Just because you don’t like the fish, it doesn’t mean it’s junk.   Throw it back, let it live!


We did get a nice sunset picture of Sunshine Key.  This was taken from the bridge, heading back home.



I don’t know why we’re always tired on travel day, but once it got dark, it was real hard to stay up.  SmileWe hate that it gets dark so early, especially now that we’re back in the Keys. 

We’re trying to get back on “island time.”  Once we’re here a few days, something seems to happen and we just feel different.  It’s hard to explain, but we always feel it when we’re in the Keys.

This morning, we got up early.  I fixed our daily green smoothie. It wasn’t too green this morning, because I ran out of spinach, but it was good,  and healthy.   Spinach, kale, blueberries, mango, cranberries, coconut oil.   No bananas, since we ran out yesterday.


We’ll have some coffee and computer time and then see what the day will hold.   It’s definitely not as warm as it was year when we were here in January, March and April.  There is enough of a breeze to make it a little chilly.  I hope today will warm up a bit.   We even saw a woman walking around in a parka with a fur lined hood.   I didn’t laugh, because I was 2 degrees from wearing a heavier jacket myself!


  1. We could use some of that warmth! It is 29 here at Manatee Springs, brrrr. It is going to warm up to 73 today.

    1. We heard there were some freeze warnings in the northern counties. Glad we're here. Come on down!

  2. 39 here in Hunting Island but going up to 66. I could sure use some of that 77. Love to hear some more about "island time"

  3. Yep, I've have also found fishermen to be litterers. It's maddening. :(

  4. Okay - I have to defend some of the fishermen. Just like there are inconsiderate idiots in all walks of life there are inconsiderate fishermen. However, true fishermen (like my hubby) are very concerned about the environment and preserving the water and the fish. If they don't, they will lose their favorite past time. Love that sunset picture - just gorgeous. And I'm hoping the weather warms up for you.

  5. Who cares if you need a hoodie, you're in the Keys! :c)

    Looking forward to our time in the Keys this upcoming January.

  6. Beautiful sunset photo! I'm still trying to imagine myself drinking a 'green' smoothie!

  7. Glad to know you are settling in and making the adjustment to island time. I am just across the seven mile bridge from you waiting for what looks like will be a spectacular sunset because of the clouds that have moved in. Hope to be able to meet you while you are here. Cheers!

  8. I'm envious! Wish we were there to go out to dinner again with you guys. Also would like to try that green smoothie. It looked good in the photo prior to turning green. We plan to return to Sunshine Key sometime this winter or spring. Enjoy your stay! Is the park crowded? Our membership expires in February I think.

  9. Really cool header pic! And the sunset one is pretty too. Sounds like a nice day all in all.

  10. hope the weather picks up for you..suppose to go up to the 80s here today in Moore Haven...I might just dip in the that sunset...

  11. Welcome back to the Keys, sorry we missed you, maybe another time, enjoy.


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