Friday, December 07, 2012

Sunset Watch, Florida Keys Style

Sunshine Key Rv Resort, Florida (high 80, low 69)

Yesterday was another windy day,  and again with small fast moving storms popping up off and on all day.  We ended up staying home most of the day, reading.  I finished a very good book called, Shanghai Girls.  I hated for it to end, but when I checked on the library, I found they had the next book that picked right up where this one ended.  I downloaded it to my Sony e-reader, so I’m good to go.

Later in the afternoon, we made a trip back to Curry Hammock, still looking for the perfect picture of “Bob.”  Apparently, he was tucked away for the evening because we didn’t see him or any of his friends.

The water was very calm and there were a few folks kayaking.  You can see the ugly rain clouds right over their heads though.


We walked around the campground a bit, trying to get a photo of site 17 for Gin and Syl.  They were lucky enough to reserve that site next fall.  Sorry, I couldn’t get a picture of the site.  There was a 5th wheel in it and the people were sitting outside.  I didn’t want to start snapping pictures with them there.  However…..I can say, I think you may have the best site there for a ocean view.   If you back in, you’ll have a nice ocean view from your patio side.  If you pull in forward, you’ll have a wonderful ocean front view from your front windshield.    It looks like the water and electricity is where it’s supposed to be and I didn’t see any issues there, but it was hard to tell with the rig there.  You’ll need extra power and hoses if you decide to pull in forward.  We’ll be going back,  so I’ll try again to get a picture for you but….good job on snagging that site!

We decided to go back to the Sunset Grill for happy hour and to watch the sunset.  There are other real popular places here that offer $.25 shrimp and wings, but in my opinion, there is nowhere better than the Sunset Grill.

We decided to sit on the upper deck again.  The view is the best and we had a roof over our heads, which was good since it was sprinkling when we got there.  We later figured out that if you sit by the pool, you get plastic cups, and we got real glass upstairs.  The only problem with the upper deck is you have to sit on high stools, and I prefer chairs.

The view was incredible.  You can see the 7 Mile Bridge in the background.  Once you go over the bridge, our campground is right there on the right, or bay side.   The Sunset Grill is on the Atlantic side.

I took way too many pictures, as usual.

It was still pretty early when we go there so it was light outside. 

In the next picture, you can see the hump of the 7 Mile Bridge.


There were a few people swimming in the heated pool.  That’s the first restaurant/bar I’ve been to that has had a pool for their guests.  Only in the Keys.

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

I kept snapping pictures as the sun kept getting lower..

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

Will we see the “green flash?”

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

Al got a treat when two couples sat down in the bar right below us. One young lady had big pushed up boobs and a very low cut dress.  Al kept telling me he wasn’t looking, but I’m not so sure!

This is her in the bottom right of the next picture, but, sorry, it’s a silhouette shot, so no boobs.

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida


Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

No green flash. I guess we’ll have to try again tonight.

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

Even though the sun had sunk below the horizon, it was still beautiful.

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

As it got darker, you could see the green lights out in the water and the light reflections in the pool.

Sunset Grill, Marathon, Florida

It was even pretty on the ride home.

going home from Sunset Grill

Trouble was, once we got home, it was dark, we had had a few drinks and some appetizers.  We were sleepy and ready for bed, but it was only 6:30!   I hate these short days!!


  1. Boy, I hear ya on the early darkness and getting sleepy. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to stay up for awhile longer because it's too early to go to sleep! Great sunset photos...No wonder Al wants to sit up on the upper level!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Shanghai Girls. I read a review on line. It sounds like something I will enjoy. What is the name of Book 2?

    A swimming pool at a restaurant? Never heard of that one.

    We, too, hate the dark coming so early. Makes the evening drag on forever.

  3. Nice way to chill and end an evening. Even without the Green Flash. The Keys are magical. :c)

  4. Gotta love the sunsets over the water, Tes the short days are hard to deal with, but at least we don't have any real cold weather.

  5. gorgeous shots Karen...looks like you are definitely in your own little piece of Heaven...we too dislike the short days...they are so busy around here we'd like them to last

  6. Thanks for the info about our site! I think we will probably back in now knowing that we will be relaxing in the patio area a lot. The best thing is, four other couples that are good friends of ours all were able to get the same two weeks and our sites are all together. Needless to say, we can hardly wait! I think we will need to watch a few sunsets from that restaurants too. Nice pics.

  7. Wow! Your photos are amazing! Hubby and I are so looking forward to Florida after reading your blog. We may be geting there sooner than originally thought. Thank you for blogging and safe journeys!

  8. Really nice series of sunset pictures Karen. Looks beautiful!!

  9. Speaking as an old Navy guy who watched for it many times…you can really only see the green flash if there are no clouds all the way to the horizon. I've seen it twice and you need (a) a really clear, non hazy day and (b) no clouds to the horizon. Otherwise you just get what my old college buddy called sky-blue-pink.


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