Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So Far, So Good

Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 93, low 73)

I’m almost afraid to say it out loud, but so far we haven’t had any more A/C  leaks.

We got a lot of rain the past few days, so the gasket appears to be snug enough.  No leaks from the condenser either… far anyway. 

I try to read the RV-Net forum regularly, and this morning there was another thread about how to handle a front blowout on an Rv. 

Having a blowout while driving, or towing a large Rv is a scary thought.

Despite how careful we are to keep our tires properly inflated, it is something that can still happen.

We have a TST Tire Pressure Monitoring system, which tells us not only tire pressure, but also the temperature of each tire.   I keep an eye on the monitor, (along with the GPS and Silverleaf engine monitor)  while Al is driving.   Underinflated and overloaded tires can damage the tires and make you much more likely to have a blowout.  However, despite doing every thing right, it can still happen.

I believe I posted this video before, but it never hurts to look at it again.

Here is what to do if you have a sudden loss of pressure while driving your Rv.  I encourage everyone to watch this video.


Hitch Itch is setting in, and we’re planning on getting out of town soon. 

Of course now, we have the added burden of  an extra vehicle.   We’ve ordered have a truck bed topper that won’t arrive until late next week, so we have to wait for that.   Al is trying to decide where he wants the driveshaft disconnect installed. Once he makes the decision,   he has to then take the truck to them for measurements.   We aren’t expecting our new truck to be ready to be a toad for a few months.    grrrrr.  It was much easier with our old Nissan 5 speed. 

We were hoping to have sold the Honda quickly, but haven’t had a lot of response.  We may have it priced too high, but would rather go down in price than sell it too cheap, especially after just putting $1100 in a new AC system.

So……it’s likely we won’t be leave for a while longer. 

Here is my attempt at making a collage.  Baxter’s baby pictures.  I need to make one of his “bowl” pictures!

Baxter kitten collage


  1. Thank you for the video on blowouts. Very helpful.

    And I LOVE Baxter's kitten photos. So adorable.


  2. Love the collage, nice job! Hope the Honda sells soon...good information on what to do about a blowout. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the collage which program did you use Karen? I've been trying out a few. Love love love Baxter!! What a sweet fur baby

  4. Sweet pictures of Baxter. The bowl ones will be great, so funny. Hope your car sells quickly. I'd be getting out of her too if I could. Good luck on making that happen.

  5. Baxter is quite photogenic!! Definitely a cutie!
    Good luck in the sell of the Honda!

  6. The collage turned out great. Such a photogenic little one.

  7. Great work on the collage, Karen, Baxter is a great subject!

    I hate talking about water leaks too but it does sound promising.

  8. The collage looks great. Sounds like your water leak is fixed. :-)

  9. Baxter is a cutie- good job on the collage. I need to learn that .


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