Saturday, July 14, 2012

Al’s New Boat

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Another warm, muggy Tampa Day.  Afternoon rains have been pretty consistent, starting mid to late afternoon.  We got a few thunderboomers and some heavy rain again today, but thankfully  it passed by quickly.   I don’t know when I became such a wienie about the weather.   (it may have started about the time I moved into a motorhome)

We got to spend a little time with David and Sherry this morning.  David didn’t have to be at the hospital until 1pm and he was enjoying his last few hours of freedom.  He and Al went for a walk and Sherry and I went to check their mail.   The lady at the office handed her the package and said, “the good luck duck???”    Yep….I knew immediately who sent that package!  

I  mentioned in previous post that Al has been whining about getting a boat.  Actually, he had been whining about a boat and a new truck.   It all started in the Keys and it didn’t help when we got to go out on Skip and Terry’s boat for the scalloping trip.

Al and I have pretty much always had a boat, getting our first one before we even got married. In fact, I was the one that turned Al onto boating in the first place.

When we lived here, we kept our boat in a high and dry marina in Tarpon Springs.  The marina was about 20 miles from our house.  We’d drive over there and as soon as they would see us drive up they would use the fork lift to  get the boat down from the covered storage building, and put it in the water.  What a great way to own a boat.  When we would come in, they would get the fork lift out and put it on a rack so that we could get our stuff out and clean it.  We always rinsed the engine with fresh water, but if we didn’t have the time, they would do it for us.  It was a great way to own a boat.

When we talked about full-timing, we both understood that a boat would not be feasible for our new life style. 

I would love to have a boat as much as Al, but the logistics of hauling a boat is too much to deal with.

We really missed having a boat while in the Keys.  Yes, we could rent one, but not only are they very expensive, but it’s just not the same.

S0…. I finally got tired of him whining for a new boat…and I let him get one.



It’s 18 feet long.

It has a 260 horse power engine.

Some people name their motor homes, some people name their cars, so we decided we should name our boat.

Meet “Boat”


Nissan FrontierHe He..

Here is his new “boat.”


He didn’t see the humor in this,  Winking smile  but I thought it was pretty funny!


  1. very very funny, Karen! Funny! ah well...I really did think I was going to see a photo of a boat that you were going to store somewhere out of the water somehow. I was even picturing you driving the motorhome to the keys with Al following along with the truck and the boat. Ha!

  2. Replies
    1. We hope NOT to find out, but you know, we are in Florida during hurricane season!

  3. You had me going there!! Love the new "boat" and what a catchy name!! I like Sue's question....does it float??

  4. Nice new boat I was sure I was going to see a picture of a boat too lol

  5. What a hoot. I love your humor. You got me on that one.
    You need to tell Al to lighten up. He has himself one unusual boat!

  6. It'll only sail once...on a one way voyage to the bottom! :c)

  7. You got me! Hahahaha!!! Enjoy your new "boat". It's a beauty.

  8. I have a boat just like that and same color.

  9. You fooled me! I was trying to figure out how in the heck you were going to haul a boat around. Great story.

  10. Why do I think you'll be writing about a real "boat" in a future blog entry???

  11. Heh! I'm sure you'll get years of fun and service out of Boat.

    You were so thoughtful to get the Jamaica Me Crazy whipped up for Sherry and David!

    The Good Luck Duck incognito

  12. You fooled me, but I bet he ends up getting a boat. LOL

  13. You got me! :-) And Eldy, too..and yeah, it was funny! :-)

  14. I always wanted to be a little taller. Thanks for pulling my leg like that. :-)

  15. We've gone to the Keys a number of times with the boat towed behind the motorhome and Helen driving the car. Nothing like having ALL your toys and enjoying them, too.


  16. I thought it was quite funny. Enjoy the new boat!!


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