Sunday, July 22, 2012

Honda Cr-V - Sold

Wesley Chapel, Florida

2001 Honda Crv

We had two people scheduled to look at our Honda yesterday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Before noon a very nice young Vietnamese man and his adorable 2 year old daughter came to look at the car.  He and Al took the car for a test drive while I babysat the little girl.  We sat on the patio in the lawn chairs and waited for the guys. 

He was very interested in the car but wanted us to drop or price.   He “left” but never quite got out of the parking lot.  When he came back he was still negotiating and we did agree to another $100 drop in price.  Sold.

He left us a deposit and promised to come back Monday with the rest of the cash.   I guess he couldn’t wait, because later that afternoon he was back to pick up the car.   I sure hope the money wasn’t counterfeit!

So….one down, and one to go.

Thanks to those of you who offered some suggestions on selling the Nissan truck.  I don’t think we would have any problem selling it as it is, but I’d sure like for someone to have the opportunity to buy a ready made toad.   Having recently gone through the expense and hassle setting up the new truck, I know there are buyers out there that would like to have a vehicle all set up for towing behind a motor home.

As soon as we get all the parts in for the new truck, we will put the old one up for sale.

Annie and Roxie expressed an interest in it, but unfortunately they are on the other side of the country.

kayaks on top of truck

We haven’t decided on a price yet.  Further research is needed.  We’ve had several Nissan Frontiers over the years and they have always sold easily.   It has a 5 speed manual transmission, 140k miles.  The Roadmaster tow bar is on the front of the truck, so all you do is hook it the motorhome and go.  There is a truck bed topped which allows you to put lots of “stuff.”   The kayak racks on the top of the truck will go with us, but the bars that hold them on will stay on the truck.

We felt good that we accomplished something yesterday.


  1. congratulations on selling the Honda! Hopefully, the truck will go as easily!

  2. Nice going on the sale of the truck. I guess the gentleman figured he'd better pounce on it. I've had those deals. You just know it's a decent price and could be gone if you don't act.

  3. congrats on selling the down and one to go eventually...I'm sure the truck will go just as easy..

  4. Way to go. Always nice when you sell a big-ticket item!


  5. That was pretty quick after all. Congrats on the sale!

  6. That was a quick sale of the Honda-congrats!

  7. Congratulations on the sale of the Honda CR-V!

  8. Wow that was fast! Feel sorry for the guy who waited until the afternoon. The truck sounds perfect for someone's toad all ready set to hook up AND with a bed cover.

  9. Things go fast on Craig's List, especially if they are priced to sell and the advertised condition is correct.

  10. Wonderful news! Congratulations. Don't spend all that money in one place.

  11. Congrats on the sale, spend that money fast:)

  12. Glad you sold it quickly. I am sure the Frontier will sell quickly as well.

  13. I guess that Vietnamese did fall in love to the car when he tried it for a test drive. He couldn’t let a day pass without getting the car. Well, from your photo, I can see that it looks really good, and even I will definitely buy it right away. I wish you good luck in selling your next car!


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