Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Normal Stuff

Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 94, low 76)

It’s going to be warm today.  The humidity is back, so it feels pretty sticky.

I went for my follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist yesterday.  Everything was fine and he didn’t have to laser the eye anymore.  Thank goodness.  He wants me to follow up in 6 months.  Hey….I want to be in the Florida Keys in January!   I went ahead and made the appointment.  Who knows where we’ll be and I can always reschedule.

The next stop was to Lazy Days and Camping World for a few parts for the motorhome.  We needed some of the little black brackets that keep the drawers and cabinets closed.  Boy are they expensive for a tiny piece of plastic.  We also needed the plastic thing that keeps the closet closed, and the bracket that holds down the window awning. 

We got home with the wrong size cabinet brackets.  We forgot all about the sliding closet door bracket, and the bracket that holds the window awning only came in a bright white color, which would have looked horrible.  We could repaint it, but I didn’t think the paint would last well, so we decided to look online.

So…..our trip was pretty much a waste of time!  The bad thing, is that I actually made a note of what we needed on my phone app….and we still forgot the closet door bracket.   duh….

The only good thing was that we arrived in time to get our free lunch at Lazy Days.

We came home, watched a few episodes of “24” and kept cool.

After the temperature got down below 90, we decided to go outside and have our happy hour.  We were hoping David and Sherry would stop by….and they did.  We had gotten to meet David the day before, and last night we met Sherry.   We enjoyed their visit, and hope to see more of them before David undergoes his transplant.  David was feeling pretty well and is planning on making a pvc clothes dryer for Sherry.    Here is a picture of what he will be making.  I love mine.  It attaches to the ladder and can easily be taken down for travel.  Al has since painted it to better match the coach.

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We ran into Sherry again this morning.  She was running, we were walking.  Smile

We have company coming today to see our new flooring.  I guess we’ll be cleaning house today!


  1. We would be walking with you, definitely not running with Sherry. We're getting better about checking our list on the phone but we still forget sometimes and end up making two or three trips to get everything.

  2. The dryer is interesting. I will have to show my husband. Thanks!

  3. I'm a big fan of lists, the only problem is I often forget to take them with me. I need to make a list to remember the list... ;c)

  4. Glad the exam went well. The docs always want a followup. I am never sure if that is for our benefit or theirs:)

  5. Great news about your eyes! So nice to get a good report.

  6. I still use the old fashioned paper and pencil to make my lists. Doesn't always help though. :(

  7. Good seeing you last night. Thanks for the drying rack idea. Hope Baxter behaves himself so he can go out for his walk.

  8. I make list all the time BUT rarely remember to take them with me**so I always forget something. Glad your eye check up went well.

  9. How does the clothes dryer hang? Do you put clothes on hangers and hang them from it?

  10. I've begun putting my lists on my iPhone that way I don't lose them.

  11. LOL... love the line about "got down to 90 so we went outside" ... may be typical for Florida, but:

    We just got down to 86 and decided to open the windows and let in some fresh air! This is sure strange weather for Wisconsin!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  12. Glad your doing ok... It is nice and cool up here in Bangor... The heat is what we run from every summer!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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