Monday, July 23, 2012

Mourning and Diet Changes?

Wesley Chapel, Florida

It was another hot, muggy Florida day.   The past two days we’ve been getting some strong afternoon storms passing through, but so far the worst of them have gone around us. Living in a motor home can be a scary place for some one who is afraid of storms!

After the storms passed,  we went over to the office and extended our stay here another 6 days.  We had been scheduled to leave today, but Al has a few more pest control accounts to do and an appointment with an ENT tomorrow.  He’s been dealing with a sinus infection for quite a while and he can’t seem to shake it.  Getting the new truck set us back a little.

We now plan on leaving this coming Sunday.  The new truck will stay here at a friends house and the old truck will be come with us. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the Honda anymore!   When we get back, we should have be able to get the new Nissan Frontier set up as our toad, and we can sell the old Nissan Frontier.

Today, we are in a bit of withdrawal/mourning.  We finished up the tv series “24” yesterday.

Yes, we watched all 8 seasons!   Yes, I know we could be considered  “couch potatoes.”   But it was so darn good!   We are really going to miss the excitement of watching Jack Bauer get in and out of trouble.  What an exciting show.  If you’re looking for something fun to watch, this is the show.  It was nonstop excitement , but not all shoot-em-up, and car crashes though.  There was plenty of love and romance to keep the ladies interested.  It was definitely the best  series we’ve ever seen.  Much better than Dexter, Friday Night Lights,  and even better than Breaking Bad.


Like most of  our readers out there, we have  been following along on David and Sherry's journey through his stem cell transplant.

Most of you know David and Sherry are vegans, and follow a healthy life style.  David seems to be doing quite well so far with his transplant.  Could his healthy eating have made a difference?   Possibly, but I don’t want to jinx him.  Smile


A while back Sherry mentioned a book called  The China StudyShe recommended it and I was interested, but never quite got around to getting the book.  Click on the link and it will tell you a little about the jest of the book.  I think it’s well worth reading.

The other day I read a guest post that The Good Luck Ducks  posted on another blog.

They detailed their “10 day juice re-boot” diet.   The China Study was mentioned again, so I went to Amazon and downloaded the book for $8.98.

I have just started the book and so far,  I’ve found it interesting,  and very thought provoking.  It has already gotten me to consider making some much needed changes in our diets.  Convincing Al to make these changes could be a bit tricky though!

His first reaction was what I expected, but I think I convinced him of the wisdom of eating less animal based protein, and more plant based foods.   He agrees that we need to change our diets.  We eat out too often and at home tend to rely on quick ready to eat foods like frozen pizzas.  I do not like to cook and am not a good cook.

Roxanne recommended a few other things on the post.  One of them is a free video called Forks over Knives.  I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll give it a go. 

So…..I have some watching and reading to do.  I’ll let you know if I find out anything interesting!


  1. 24 was definitely one of my 'must watch' shows when it was on TV. We've watched Dexter and Mad Men as well and enjoyed them. Right now, we just started watching Breaking Bad but have only seen the first 2 episodes.

    As for Vegan diets - I am what I am by now so I don't think I'll be changing my eating habits all that much. I'd rather enjoy good food for the rest of my life than be miserable wishing I could have a really great steak or pulled pork sandwich. At my age, I don't think it's going to make much difference anyway.

    1. I think you'll like Breaking Bad.

      I'm so glad we watched 24 after the series was off TV. It was nice to be able to go from episode to episode when we wanted to and then not have to wait months for the next season.

  2. By your title, I thought maybe someone you knew had died. Glad it wasn't so.

  3. As you know I have ben working on changing my eating habits for most of this year. Rather than try to change Craig, I have said many times "I'll cook what ever you want, but I won't eat it. Sometimes he takes me up on it, but most of the time he doesn't. He has several things that he will make for himself.

    We are not Vegans, but our meat consumption is more than 50% less than it was six months ago. I almost never eat beef, most cheeses, white breads or white pasta. I'm don over 30 pounds, and today I did 4 miles on the treadmill!

    It is a constant battle. Not eating out is a big step! We did eat out three times on our three week trip. Once was when the Alfa slide was being worked on, and once was on the drive home. And once was a supper treat at the Lodge at Crater Lake. (That meal cost close to $100 and was NOT junk food!) Next trip I will try harder to find an alternative to the burgers on the road ... But not the Luxury meal.

    1. Whatever you're doing is working so I guess you've gotten it right. 30 pounds is a lot.

      Eating out is definitely a problem. A friend said she tried a Veggie Burger at Burger King and it was pretty good.

  4. I just need to get back to exercising. My weight is exactly the same but I surely don't look the same. The flab comes back very quickly!
    I am interested to find out what you think of The China Study.

  5. Glad to hear you are reading The China Study. If you give it a real honest go, you will see dramatic results!! Sorry Rick, but you really can make a major difference in your health and it begins as soon as you give up animal products!!! Good Luck:o))

    1. People like you two, and Sherry and David (before his setback) have made me give a change in diet some consideration. You both seem to be so active and have so much energy. Diet related? I'll bet it is!

  6. This is my first time comment here I think and I don't normally discuss diet on other people's Blogs but I would be remiss if I didn't point out that many people believe The China Study is based on dodgy science and the research is considered to be picked out and selective to meet the expectations of the author.

    To get a different point of view I suggest taking a look at the following Blogs, one a journalist researcher the other a cardiologist. by Dr William Davis
    and by Tom Naughton

    After reading the book Wheat Belly I understood for the first time something I had learned from experience. I knew a high carbohydrate diet disagreed with me but now I know the real problem was with wheat and similar grains.

    It's probable that most people do not have the same wheat intolerance but these two writers made a whole lot of sense and I found their arguments logical and the science research quoted carried the ring of truth.

    I have long believed that you can make a case for anything if you believe in it so a little scepticism never goes amiss.

    Personally I look at my parents and grandparents and know they were healthier and than I in many ways. That made it easy to believe that our modern diets are suspect.

    I have been overweight most of my adult life and now at 73 have lost 55 pounds in six months just by cutting wheat out.

    I'm the first to say going wheat free is not for everyone and we all must decide what is best for ourselves, but nor without plenty of investigation before making changes.

    Diet can be such a controversial subject that I hope you don't mind me throwing my opinion in. I hope I haven't confused you but I really urge you to look further than The China Study.


    1. MargieAnne

      I appreciate you comments and opinions. This is something we have just started looking into and welcome all points of view.

  7. Karen, I actually read the China Study aloud to David to get him to read it and once I did he could see its importance. We have Forks Over Knives. Could I loan it to you tomorrow before I go in to the hospital??? So glad to hear you are looking in to all of this. You won't be sorry I guarantee it.

    Be sure to check the funding sources of the group that posts most of the China Study criticisms. Colin Campbell has nothing to gain other than the sales of his book which unless it becomes a movie LOL won't make enough to be a conflict of interst. I've read the detractors and disagree.

    The China Study is Very trustworthy science in my opininon and I've worked in Medical Research for years. It is also supported by other medical people who have proven that diet can totally change your health. McDougall and Neal Barnard to name just two.

    Be sure of your sources - there is a lot of money spent by the Dairy and Beef Councils to influence our food intake. Although Margieanne is right about wheat being a problem for many more people than realize it. Still a plant strong diet is the healthiest diet IMO.
    And I do think it is playing a big part in David's current journey.

    1. I was reading parts of The China Study to Al, but that got tiring. I found the movie Forks over Knives gave him the same info and was a lot easier. He actually watched the whole movie.

  8. Sinus infection: a DIY treatment for sinus problems. I posted this to a couple of friends who were on their way to the doc for more antibiotics, and after doing this, both canceled their appointments.

  9. P.S. I sort of suspect dairy's complicity in sinus problems, but I don't know that for sure.


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