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Quail Run Rv Park Review

Wesley Chapel, Florida

A few days ago, I got a nice email from a blog reader by the name of Pam.   Apparently she has been reading the blog but has been too shy to comment.  Come on Pam….we want to hear from you, right guys?

Pam’s mother passed away about a year ago.  Her mother had a home nearby, and the yard has become infested with fleas.  She wanted Al to give her an estimate for getting rid of the fleas.

We drove over there yesterday morning.   Al walked around the yard and soon he was covered with fleas.  I guess we found the right place!   I nearly made him strip because I didn’t want him bringing fleas into our car.  Fleas really love the little furbutt Baxter, and we don’t want to get them started again.

After we came home, we did a little cleaning then watched a Nicholas Cage movie.   In Florida, during the summer months, you either stay in the air conditioning, or in the water.

Later in the day, we walked over to meet David and Sherry.   They checked in to this campground yesterday to be close for David’s stem cell transplant that is coming up very soon.   We caught David outside and had a nice visit with him, but  he thought Sherry was on the phone with their daughter, so we’ll meet her another day.  They  have some serious issues to deal with while they are here, so we probably won’t get to see them too much.

I wanted to post some pictures of this campground.  It’s about 20 miles from my mothers house and is the nicest one within a reasonable distance.

We’re at Quail Run Rv Park, in Wesley Chapel, Florida.  It’s on the outskirts of Tampa.

The park is going through a complete renovation, and currently  is in the process of making an entire new section of  “super sites.”  

Trees seem to be valued here and there are some gorgeous Live Oaks all over the place.  That’s a nice change.

Here is a view from the front entrance.  There is a gate and you need an opener to get in.

entering quail run

There is a convenience store right before the gate.  It’s well stocked and the prices are reasonable.

entrance gate at quail run

The laundry room has recently been renovated and the prices are reasonable.   Sorry, I didn’t get a picture.

The pool desperately needs a make over and I understand that’s in the plans.

old pool

There are some older buildings that for the most part don’t appear to be used any longer.

older buildings at quail run

This is the new recreation room.  It’s locked and we haven’t been able to get inside.  I guess it gets used more in the winter.  Notice all the pretty trees.

new rec center

There is a computer room.  It’s also in need of a make over, but I wouldn’t use it anyway since we have our own internet and computers.

computer room at quail run

There is free Wifi throughout the park.  It’s fast, and works great 99.9% of the time. 

There is free cable, but I can’t vouch for it since we use our Directv.

There are two very distinct sections of the campground.  The older sites are shaded by large oak trees.   They are smaller and not as level.  Many have concrete picnic table pads, but no parking pads.   We looked at one of those, but decided we wouldn’t be able to get our satellite signal.    Summer rates (or annual rates)  are $270 monthly.  Electricity and taxes are on top of that.

The newer part of the campground has double full concrete pads.  There are some new, but fairly large oak trees planted on both sides of these new sites.

Here is our site.  After two weeks in the Prairie, it has been nice not having to fight with sand inside the motorhome!   You can see the new Oaks that have been planted on each side of the sites.  They will provide some nice shade in a few years…..and also probably cause some problems with branches growing too close to the sites.

The concrete pads are completely level.  I’ve never been at such a level site.  The new section appears to have been planned by an Rv’er and nothing was skimped on.   Each site has two sewer connections.  One towards the back and one towards the front.  I think it is to accommodate both motor homes and Fifth Wheels.

Monaco at Quail Run

Our front window looks out to the huge lot that belongs to the owner.  It’s full of  beautiful Live Oak trees.

The roads are wide and recently re-asphalted.  The cones are marking the speed bumps that have yet to get repainted after the asphalting.

Quail Run

It’s definitely big rig friendly.  This guy had no problem fitting his rig.

big rig friendly at quail run

The next picture shows the largest rv I’ve ever seen.  It has seven slides! It’s called a Space Craft.  I  Googled it and found a beautiful one with 5 slides.   This thing is much bigger than the picture shows.  Notice there is still room on the pad in front of the trailer?  It has two sewer hoses coming out.

big rig with 7 slides at quail run

Our favorite site is number 244.  It’s recently been done and was not available when we first came here to look at the park.  We might have chosen it, if we had know about it.  It cost $380 a month (plus electricity and tax).  It’s on the outer perimeter and the patio side has a beautiful view of this gorgeous Live Oak tree.  I’m sure they will replace the sod eventually.

site 244 at Quail Run, view of gorgeous Live Oak Tree

It’s a huge site.

site 244 at Quail Run

There are street lights throughout the park,  and newly planted Oaks and Palms.

quail run, big rig friendly, room for a prevost

The older portion of the campground is dated.  I understand they also have plans to pave all of those sites.  That may be difficult though since there are quite a few of them where the people live there  year round.

tree lined streets in older section of quail run

Some sites could be more level.

older quail run site

older section of quail run

We appreciate the fact that they maintain the place.  The grass gets mowed regularly, and they immediately cleaned up after the tropical storm last week.  It’s a far cry from Winter Quarters Rv Park where we stayed previously.

Unfortunately, their winter rates are higher than we want to pay, so we won’t be staying here in the winter.   Of course we don’t want to be in Tampa this winter anyway…..the Florida Keys are calling our names!

Today will be another doctor appointment.  I have a follow up on my eye.  Hopefully, no more laser jabs will be needed.  Smile


  1. Wow I like that place thats a lot nicer than the one we are at.

  2. Those new sites sure are nice and big. Speaking of big, that Spacecraft RV is really big. What does he pull that thing with?

    From the looks of one of the old buildings this park might have been a KOA at onetime?

  3. Nice job Karen, guess I won't have to do any description, I can just reference yours. :-)

    I guess we were lucky, our site was almost perfectly level and only needed a slight tweeking. We're glad for the two nice trees that provide some shade.

  4. Too bad the winter rates are so high, but that's as good of an excuse to go to the Keys as I've heard. Hope to see you there this winter.

  5. That looks like a great place to stay. I love when the sites are so roomy. Great descriptions!

  6. I can see why you like #244! Nice view.

  7. We stayed at this resort years ago before they added the new section you are in. Looks like it really improved the campground. We need to check it out. We liked the location.

  8. Very nice description of the park. I love Live Oak trees but those low growing branches can cause problems later on. It does look like the newer section is geared toward big rigs.

  9. Nice camp ground i really like the big sites and level that's a big, plus. Hope your eye check up goes well.

  10. Looks like a good place to mark on our maps! My folks live about 100 miles north of there (Williston) and it might be a nice getaway place for all of us when we come down there to visit.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. really nice! I will add this place to our campground list.
    The space Craft does look huge, what pulls it?

  12. IOkay, this is Pam. I am not really shy at all in person. I definitely appreciated the speedy action Al took in spraying my mom's place and I hope Baxter stays flea-free. The renovations at Quail Run look amazing as well as the off-season price. We will be in that area next winter to visit family and will have to check it out.

  13. IOkay, this is Pam. I am not really shy at all in person. I definitely appreciated the speedy action Al took in spraying my mom's place and I hope Baxter stays flea-free. The renovations at Quail Run look amazing as well as the off-season price. We will be in that area next winter to visit family and will have to check it out.

    1. Glad to see you commenting Pam! Glad Al could help. Yeah...I made him take his clothes off at your Moms house and put them in a couple garbage bags. We took that bag to the laundromat here and washed them. I don't want to get fleas started here again....they love that furry Baxter. The in season prices here at Quail Run are not nearly as appealing!


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