Friday, July 08, 2011

Please Send an Ark

Seffner, Florida

There’s a tropical weather system hanging over central Florida, and bringing lots of rain.  It hasn’t rained constantly, but when it does, it  comes down in buckets.  Thank goodness we haven’t got any leaks!  Both of our neighbors have been up on their roofs fixing leaky roofs.  One is a motor home that is a year and a half old with leaks around their satellite dome.  He was up on the roof during a really bad part of the storm today, putting a blue tarp over the dome.  Poor guy.  I hope he got it fixed.  We’re telling everyone we know about the wonders of  Eternabond.    It’s a miracle tape that can be applied to wet surfaces and I think even under water.  We put it on all the openings on the roof of the current motor home roof, and intend to put it on the new one as well.

Tomorrow is moving day!  The new batteries and toilet have been installed.   Mike has a few more things to do tomorrow, but he assures us he will be finished.  He’s a young guy and sometimes they aren’t as conscientious as they should be, but this guy is doing a great job.  Once he finishes up, it goes over to the cleaning crew.  It’s pretty amazing watching those people.  They have an inside crew and and outside crew all working like crazy.  It has some water spots on the paint from the sprinkler system, so we want to make sure they get those removed.  It may be difficult to do between the rain!

We’re excited and can’t wait to finally move in!


  1. Come on up to Michigan - no rain, the weather is wonderful!

    You guys must be so excited. Of course moving day does sound like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

    You know we are all waiting for photos so we are also having to have patience.

    Don't lose any of the kitties when you make the move.

  2. Moving day!! exciting!..hope the rain holds off long enough to get all the items into the new 'home'!

  3. So exciting. A lot of work to move but so worth it.

  4. Yipee... at long last!!! But the wait was a good thing and you are getting what you want! I am so excited for you... I remembered when we move into our new rig, We had 2 couples helping us and what a mess we had. I think it is better doing it on your own and taking your time! Maybe you'll make it here before we leave...
    Have fun!!!

  5. Good luck with the move and hope you get a good weather day.

  6. We are so happy for you both. Hope your moving day goes smoothly. You will be amazed how much your motorhome has held all this time.


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