Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanging Out

Seffner, Florida

Still sitting at Camp Lazy Days.  Our service guy, Mike came over to see if he could fix our water pump issue quickly instead of having to get us back into a service bay.  He couldn’t, so we will have to go back to “camp Bayview.”  Unfortunately, ours is not the only rig Mike is working on and he’s in the middle of another big job, so it may be a few days.  We would rather wait for Mike than have anyone else work on it, so we don’t mind waiting.  They are still feeding us 2 meals a day and we’re very comfortable in our new rig.  Yesterday we called the lot porter to take the rig and dump the tanks and fill up the water.  Not as good as full hook-ups, but certainly livable.  The spaces are pretty tight here and we’re not real comfortable navigating the rig, so we’re very happy to have the lot porter do it. 

While we have been here, we’re getting a real good chance to check out the rig and have any issues addressed.  I just noticed a small tear in the bedroom slide-out awning.  It hadn’t been there previously and it was just starting to tear a little.  Mike said he would have to replace the awning fabric.    Awww..    I asked him to check out the living room awning real well while he was up there.  With any luck he will find a tear there as well.  These toppers are the sunbrella canvas type,   and I assume pretty expensive.  It would be great to have them both brand new.  (maybe I need to look closer on the main awning too)  That one is huge so I know it would cost a fortune. 

I have been thinking the refrigerator isn’t getting as cold as it should, so I started checking the temps and writing them down.  Mike agrees, it should be colder and thinks maybe a fan is  not working properly.  He will take care of that.  The freezer gets down to 10 degrees, but the other part isn’t getting cool enough.  We thought it might be just because this is a much larger frig than we had before, but Mike said it should get colder.  Another problem, we didn’t catch right away.

Another “issue” we had was the compartment the sewer connections is in.  There is a light there that just won’t turn off.   We have a switch inside  the rig that turns off/on all the compartment lights, but this one would just not go off.  Al finally had to take out the bulb.  Did I ever feel stupid, when Mike showed me a switch that is activated when the door is closed!  Just like your refrigerator that is always lit when you open the door.  Smile

So, we are waiting our turn to get back into the service bays.  A little frustrating, but we’re getting these things fixed while we still have another place to put the kitties.  My feeling is…let it break now and then forever hold its peace!

Al is working his pest control accounts today, so I am here by myself.  I still have 2 more big tubs of crap to put away, but I think I’ll go visit our friends Ralph and Terry.  They are camping at Hillsborough River State Park.  It’s one of our favorite campgrounds.  I just have to wait around to have my free lunch.  I had eggs, bacon and potato's this morning.  I am still full, but don’t want to miss the roasted chicken, corn and green beans they’re serving for lunch.   It’s sure going to be more expensive when we have to start having paying for meals and campgrounds!


I just got a knock on the door and it was the lot porter that dumped our tanks yesterday.  I had ridden with him and noticed someone had left some outdoor mats out.  He said if they weren’t picked up by the evening, I could take them.  Unfortunately, someone claimed them, so I didn’t get them.  He found me a nice grass type in a light beige that just matches the coach and brought it to me.   Wasn’t that nice of him?   He came here 7 years ago and bought a motor home and never left.  He and his wife are full-timers and he is working at Lazy Days and his wife runs the campground they stay at.  He’s about the nicest guy you could find with his great southern (Tennessee) accent!  Thanks General!

Here are a few pictures I have taken around the campground.

Sandhill Cranes




  1. by the time you two 'pull out of you 'campground' your rig is gonna be brand new!..better to find issues now than later!!!

  2. I hate to say you are lucky this is taking so long but it really does sound like it since you getting to have all these things that you would have found out about too late fixed while you are there. Way to go!!


  3. This place almost sounds too good to be true!

  4. I am so glad you are finding all these "issues" and getting them taken care of before you get on the road. So much easier your way than our giving up our home for work to be done. And you are going to be so comfortable with it. Mike is really a great guy.

  5. What do people who don't have a rig do while shopping there? Are there reasonable motels nearby? I wonder if their Arizona location is going to be like this?

  6. I can't believe your still there but it is beter to stay and get everything taken care of now then later on the road! And the free meals are an added bonus! Love the pictures of the Sandhill Cranes.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. I think you are just where you need to be...getting everything possible take care of while they are willing to get it all done.

    Thanks for the sandhill cranes photo - I sure miss ours at Citrus Ridge.

  8. I am wondering if your check out is going to be some kind of record? You will sure know all the players there by the time you are done.


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