Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camp Lazy Days

Seffner, Florida

We are still sitting in the delivery area at “Camp Lazy Days.”  We have met a few of our neighbors.  One is an ex North Carolina State Assembly member that didn’t survive the last election.  When he told us that I thought to myself  “you must be a Democrat.”  I kept that thought to myself though. SmileHe looks just like Gomer Pyle!

Camp Lazy Days offers electric hook-ups, but no sewer.  There is a really long water hose that services all the “campsites.”  There are a lot of delivery campsites, so you know it’s a long  hose.  We had them dump the gray water when they brought it back from the body shop on Friday, but we needed some additional water so Al drug the hose over.  I don’t think they want anyone to get too comfortable here at the free sites!

Last night, we started to notice the water pump cycling on occasionally when we weren’t running any water.  That could only mean one thing.  We have a small leak somewhere.  We checked everything inside and found nothing, but finally noticed a hose that had worked its self loose.  We have this “mana-bloc” water system in this coach.  The salesman talked it up and said if we ever had a leak, it would allow us to turn off the water for just that one area and still have water for the rest of the coach.  Well, it worked as stated and we stopped that leak. Al can easily tighten it up  today.  Unfortunately, the water pump is still cycling on occasionally.  This is just one of the things you have when your home bounces down the road.  He may be able to find the problem to avoid having it go back to service. 

We are making progress in the move.  The old motor home is almost empty, and the new one is almost full!  We are stuffing every nook and cranny and we still have tubs of stuff that need a home.

Our view out the front window

Camp Lazy Days

Our mess

Camp Lazy Days - mess

Al has been unloading stuff from the old motorhome and bringing it over.  I keep unloading and putting things away as fast as I can.  Just when I get finished with what I have, he comes back with more.  I’m starting to get a little aggravated at him, so to pay him back, I have begun taking items from “my stuff” that goes into “his” basement!  He doesn’t like that!  He wants to keep his basement neat and orderly!   Good luck with that!

We’re getting there though.  The biggest thing is deciding where to put what, and then later remembering where you put it.  We seem to spend more time looking for stuff than anything else. 

Here are a couple pictures of Camp Lazy Days.  There are 4-5 rows of change over sites.  They pull your old rv next to your new one, door to door, to make it easier to change out.  It’s a busy place.



There are a lot of pretty rv’s and even a few pop-ups and small teardrop type trailers.


Here are a few of the outside of our new home.  You can see the size difference between it and the old Flair motor home.  The size is a bit intimidating.


Al and his new Monaco

Al and old and new motor home

Monaco Windsor

Monaco Windsor

We hope to get everything put away today, but we’re enjoying just drinking our coffee and our computer/newspaper time.

We got our new Magne-Shade Thursday.  It looks to be very high quality and well made.  The first time you install it, you have to glue heavy duty magnets to the windows, so it’s going to take a little time to install the first time.  Right now, it’s not top priority.

We got our Progressive Industries Electrical Management system on Saturday.  Our favorite mobile rv medic,  Dale brought it to us at Lazy Days.  That’s good service, huh?    Dale gives seminars at a lot of rv rally’s and if you ever get a chance to listen to him, I would recommend it.  He visited with us a long while and gave us tons of great information.   We feel this system is an important safeguard for your expensive rv electronics.  Campgrounds are notorious for having bad power poles with low amps, or even reverse polarity.  This system will tell you if there is a problem before you plug in.  If there is a problem while you are plugged in, it will shut the power to the rv down.  We have actually had it shut us down on a couple of occasions. 

I’ve been watching the tv interviews with Jaycee Dugard.  The was the 11 year old girl that was kidnapped, raped, and held captive for 18 years.  She wrote the book to help heal and to give hope to others in bad situations.  I ordered the book for our e-readers.  It was only $11.99 and I felt like I would like to help her make some money.  She deserves it after what she went through.  It’s a very candid story, which of course is sad and maddening at the same time.  I haven’t finished it yet, but find it to be interesting to see how she coped and is trying to get on with her life.  She is an amazing woman and I wish her the best.  I will not buy anything that Casey Anthony puts out though!


  1. very nice looking rig you have there!..soon you will be organized!!

  2. Beautiful new rig. You are so going to enjoy it. But I hate having to remember where everything is all over again. I am such a creature of habit. Thank goodness it only takes about a week for the new habits to settle in.

  3. Very nice rig! I know you will really enjoy all the extra space once you are all organized.

  4. Your new rig is just beautiful. I'm sure you'll figure out how to pack everything you really need inside it.

  5. Wow Fabulous looking coach! You two are travelin' in fine style now.

    Where is she off to when you get her fully loaded??


  6. The new coach looks great...and much larger. You'll get it organized soon. It does seem to take awhile to find things though.

    You might want to get a couple of helpers when you put up the Magne Shade. We tried it by ourselves, but two kind neighbors came to help. The shade is heavy and bulky. Once it's up though, it is a one person job and no ladder needed.

    I think I'll buy the Jaycee book also. Hope Roger let's me use his Kindle.

  7. I read Jaycees book last week. An amazing survival story.

  8. Glad to hear you are making progress and slowing getting yourself moved in. I hope you have now found all of the little problems and got them all fixed up. Sounds like Lazy Days has given you great service.

    Your new rig looks great!

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Loving the new rig...any chance you can make the Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH the end of Sept? Love to see you guys again and tour the new rig!! Plus, you'd have a blast there. hee-hee


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