Sunday, July 03, 2011

Accessories, Still Waiting

Seffner, Florida

We’re still at Lazy Days waiting for the motor home to be moved to the delivery area so that we can move in.

We are trying to get some of the must have accessories that will be needed.

One of the most important things to us is the front windshield sunscreen.  We have one on the old motorhome and have loved it.  You can see out, but no one can see in. and it blocks heat and stops the sun from fading everything.

The one we have now is made by Prompt Rv Sunscreens.  We have been happy with it.  It does not attach with any kind of snaps.  You just place it up against the front windshield on the outside.  The systems that use snaps are too troublesome for us.  There are 2 straps that hook onto the driver and passenger window.   It’s attaches in about 15 seconds.  We’ve had it for about 5 years and it still looks good.

With the new diesel motorhome, the side windows are different because one is a door.  You can’t use the straps to hook the screen into place.  We’re lazy and didn’t want one that had to be snapped on.  That’s too much trouble and takes too long.

I’ve seen some from another company and we decided to go with them.  They are  called Magne Shades, and attach to your windows by strong magnets.  We’re placed the order Friday from a company based in North Carolina.  It’s a small family owned business.   We’re getting a screen for the front, and side windows, as well as wiper covers.  They aren’t cheap, but they sure help keep out the heat and give you lots of privacy.  You know how rv people are…..nosy. SmileTheir business is so successful and it’s a family run business, so they have had a 4 week back log all year.  It’s nice to hear of a success story in these economic times.  Of course Lazy Days seems to be doing quite well as well.  The service bays are at least 3/4 full and people are running around all over the place.  No signs of a bad economy around here.

We did not get to move into our new to us motorhome on Saturday and we’re fine with it. Since Monday is a holiday, we’re not expecting to move in until the end of next week.

When they told us  on Thursday, that the intended move-in date was to be Saturday, we were surprised…and skeptical.  We knew our pre-delivery guy, Mike had a list of things that we wanted done, including install the 2 tv’s and our new satellite dish, fix a gap in the screen door, and replace the damaged rubber slide gasket.  What we didn’t know is that Mike had his own list and it was growing as he went through everything.

It turns out that before an rv is delivered to it’s new owners, it is assigned to a person who is to go over each and every system, light, compartment, and everything on the coach.  Anything that isn’t working, unless it’s cosmetic, is fixed.   They won’t replace a piece of furniture or carpet that is a bit dirty,  but if it’s worn out they will.  We have a brand new leather recliner in ours because the old one was worn out.   Mike is very meticulous and thorough.  He checked each switch and found some that were supposed to light and didn’t.  He found out the “automatic” toilet didn’t work properly or hold water.  Those are the kinds of things that are difficult to check ahead of time.  We knew Lazy Days would fix anything like that, so we didn’t get too crazy finding the small things.  (although a malfunctioning toilet isn’t really small, is it?)

So on Friday the service advisor Dana called in a bit of a panic, saying she was worried they weren’t going to make their target delivery date of Saturday.  This was no surprise to us.  Remember though, that we have already paid for this coach, so the fact they were worried, made us feel like they still cared!  We would never have paid for something this expensive before we took delivery, at any other place.  We knew that Lazy Days would do the right thing, so we agreed to help them meet their sales goal, and in return we did get some bennies.

We met with Dana at the coach and Mike showed us the list of things he found that needed to be fixed.  He had 4 pages, but said that was pretty normal, and he frequently has 8 pages.  Many of these things were things we would have never found and mainly just small things, but he takes his job seriously.  We assured him and Dana that we were fine with waiting, and they should take as long as they need.  We want everything to be in working order and would happily wait… long as they keep giving us free space in their campground and feeding us twice a day, why not. Smile  I guess most people wouldn’t be in our situation, but since this is our “home” town and we have no where we have to be, it’s saving us money and we know the coach will be right.

Later that day, we went back to the coach and visited with Mike again.  It turned out the coach came with a dvd player and Mike found out that it wasn’t working, so we were getting a brand new Sony Blu-Ray player!  Okay Mike, keep looking! 

He got the tv’s both mounted and our new 32 inch Panasonic looks very nice.  We even rented a BluRay movie and watched part of it before our friends Rhonda and William came to visit.  Once the service center closes for the day, we are free to use the motorhome. Of course it’s in a service bay and not a nice campsite.  Rhonda wanted to come see it, so they came and had some some wine and a few beers and visited with them a while before returning to the old motorhome. 

We’re going to have to feed ourselves today and tomorrow.  The free breakfast and lunch Lazy Days provides doesn’t include Sundays or holidays, so we’ll be on our own.  I might even have to cook!

We have laundry to do this morning, then over to Rhonda and Williams, then to Mom’s house to visit with her later today.  We’re sitting outside on the patio right now watching the pair of Sandhill Cranes that live here.


  1. Sounds like a good company to deal with. Patience is a virtue!

  2. We are living vicariously through you and your adventure of buying the new rig. Can't wait for PICTURES! I read your blog aloud to Steveio and we laugh at your remark of having to cook on sunday and monday---- too cute!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. It is great when you don't have to be in a rush... better to get things done right! I am so happy you found a rv you loved and even happoer that Lazy Days is making it perfect for you guys!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Glad you are getting everything fixed up and what a great company to work with!!! You just don't see that much anymore!
    Hope you have a great 4th of July!!

  5. Nice to hear they are being so thorough with the rig. A free space would certainly keep me happy while waiting for things to be right. Excited for you to get your new home!

  6. Sounds like everything is going well. We have Magne Shades on the front and side windows. We love them and they are so easy to put up. We also have the tire covers. Happy 4th of July! It will be easy to remember your anniversary of buying your new home.

  7. It's going to be so wonderful when you get to move in. Gives you more time to organize the stuff to move. Sorry to hear you may have to cook. Can you have Al grill instead?

  8. a happy customer is the best form of advertising!!!..what a great dealer!!!

  9. Maybe Craig and I should wait until that new Lazy Days is open in Arizona!

  10. Great to hear you are experiencing good customer service at Lazy Days. Nice to get all the small, and big, things working before you take delivery.

  11. A few years back I remember driving past Lazy Days and was amazed at the size of that dealership.
    Very happy to hear how they are treating you. I mentioned to Wilma that when it's time to buy another motorhome we will make sure to buy from Lazy Days.
    Great blog today and thanks for keeping us "up to date" on whats happening.

  12. Well I'm just so sorry to read that tragic bit of news there at the end when you said you just might have to COOK! Oh my!
    Did you do OK??


    Actually, it's very nice to read about the dealership. One hears/reads conflicting stories, so some times a first hand account is good.
    They didn't get that big and busy by being miserable with their customers, that's for sure.
    Hope you're having a relaxing time, but it sounds like it's all been a pretty good experience.
    And yes, just waiting for those pictures!

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