Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Progress

Seffner, Florida

Well, we got the old motor home over to the "delivery" area yesterday morning and were finally able to start moving in.

We didn't make a lot of progress though.  By the time we got moved over, we were starving, so we went out and got some lunch.  We didn't make a lot of progress yesterday.

We are still in the "planning" stage on the memory foam mattress move.  It's going to be a job.  Taking the short nap on the other mattress confirmed that we need to exchange them.  It is a better mattress than most I've seen in rv's, and felt pretty good at first.  After a few minutes, we were both feeling those coils and were having back discomfort.  We sure do love our bedinabox!  I just wish it was back in a box so that we could transport it over!

Al worked on his "basement" and I worked "upstairs" organizing.  We can stay here as long as we like, so we're not in any big hurry.  That's sure an improvement over last time, when they gave us one night!

This morning we are having our PDI.  Someone is coming over to show us how to operate everything.  We've figured out most things, but there are a few questions we still have.  This is one complicated machine.  We're still finding new things, we didn't know we had.  Like heated tanks and some kind of feature that you can set to automatically  start the generator is the battery voltage gets too low.  We're wondering if it can also be set as a back up for the air conditioner in case of a power outage.  We always worry about the kitties if the campground should have a power outage.

We fixed a nice roast for dinner last night and had our first meal in the new rig.  We really like the kitchen table set up and we actually ate there.  I don't remember the last time, we ate at a kitchen table in the house or rv.  We always like to watch tv while we eat and in this rig, the table is in  a good spot....and over the tile floor instead of the carpet.

After dinner, we decided to sleep in the old motorhome since our good mattress was still there.  Al went over early and I stayed and watched some of the Jaycee Duggard interview.  Boy, that was a sad thing.  When I finally decided to go back to the old motorhome and go to bed, I  found a big  surprise waiting for me.

On the side of the bed (my side) was a green tree frog!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  Al was sound asleep and I really hated to wake him, but there was no way I could sleep with a frog on my bed!  I quickly vacated the premises and Al went on a frog hunt.  Unfortunately, the frog got away from him and ended up somewhere in the living room.  I debated on where to sleep.  I wasn't too fond of sleeping in the same house as a frog, but my comfy bed was there and also my little sick kitty Squeaky.  I knew she needed her Mama, so I shut the door to the bedroom, stuffed some towels under the door and went to bed.  I'm happy to say I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with a frog sitting on my face!  These green tree frogs are everywhere in Florida, but most people don't see  or notice them.  I'm hypersensitive to frogs, so I always notice them.  How this little guy got inside our motor home, I don't know, because Al has put screens on all the outside vents for the toilet and all the openings on the roof.  He has always done that in the houses as well and it usually keeps them from getting inside. I don't know if maybe the screen tore, or what, but we definitely had a frog inside.  BAD FROG!

I usually don't want to kill frogs and Al always removes them and takes them to a safe, but far away place.  Last night though, I told the kitties to go hunting!   I doubt those fat things did anything but sleep though!  Today, I need to be busy moving, but now I have to watch out for a darn frog!

I am posting this blog on the new Google blogger draft feature, per Rick's instructions.  I normally don't like to post the blog via Google because the line spacing always seems to get messed up.  I don't know if I have something set up wrong, but I never get any spaces between paragraphs on Google.  So if that's the case, you'll know what happened!


  1. Loved your story about the frog. Sure hope you don't run into him today. And your blog looked good to me. Spaces between paragraphs. Good luck with your move.

  2. So glad you're finally getting things organized and moving into your new palace... Sounds exciting and your new coach sounds great! Can't wait for pictures. How funny is that frog story... They are so cute but I wouldn't want then sleeping with me either!!!
    BTW ~ Your post came out GREAT!
    Have fun

  3. Frogs don't bother me much, but spiders on the other hand... :)

  4. Watch out for those frogs!

    Your post turned out great with line spaces between the paragraphs.

  5. Everything looks great! We're wondering about how to move the mattress too so any hints you have we are sure anxious to hear about!
    Ribbitt! Ribbitt! (from Dean of course!)

  6. poor little Kermit..was probably more afraid of you than you were of him!..happy moving day!!

  7. So glad to hear that y'all are finally moving in to the new MH. Hopefully the frog won't follow you over there. When we upgrade to a DP in a few years, we will check out Lazy Days inventory. Safe travels.

  8. Call the bed in a box company and ask them how they recommend you move the mattress without damaging it, I'm sure other people have had to move theirs.

  9. Now I got this strange song stuck in my head....

    "It ain't easy.... being green"


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