Friday, July 15, 2011

Camp Bayview

Seffner, Florida

Can the contents from a fully loaded 32 foot motor home fit inside a 41 foot motorhome?  The jury is still out!

When we bought our old motor home, one of the things we liked was the tremendous amount of storage it had. 

As we are moving into the new motorhome, which also has lots of storage, we’re finding it difficult to put everything away.

Of course, one problem is the bins and cabinets are not the same, so the old places you put things no longer exist and you have to find new ones. 

Another problem is that we have too much stuff.  We will be doing some purging in the near future once we decide what we actually need.

We had a huge pantry in the old motorhome.  It was at least 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep with numerous shelves.  It held a ton of stuff,   but everything was difficult to find.  I kept my electric frying pan, crock pot and large plastic bowls there, as well as canned goods, dry goods and other miscellaneous items in this pantry.  As I go to put items away, I find myself heading over to the pantry.  Sigh!  Wish I had one of those here!

Al has gotten his basement pretty well loaded.  He managed to get the kayaks and gear put away as well as all our scuba gear.  He has decided he needs to eliminate some tools, but he kind of knew that anyway.  He just wanted to wait until he decided what he would actually need.

Slowly, but surely, we’re getting moved.

We had a setback though, and we ended up going back to “Camp Bayview”.   (the service bays)  We got a heavy rain the other day and we found  leaks. 

We notified our service advisor and she hustled to get us moved back into a service bay overnight in case of any more rain.  It ended up being back in the service bay for 2 days.  We spent the nights in it, but had to vacate during the day.  There were a few other items that needed fixing that we had found.  We also realized that we didn’t know where to find the reset switch for the keyless entry.  Mike ended up having to take the dash cover off to locate it for us.   He said he expected us to be back because there are always a few more items that are found even after he goes through everything. 

It turned out one of the front overhead marker lights needed re-sealing.  Just one of those maintenance things that I’m glad was found before we left.   Also, I found a small leak on both corners of the bedroom slide.  They had sent the carpet shampoo guy over that same day and the entire carpet was wet from that, but these were definitely leaks from the slide corners. 

Mike looked at it the next day and told us that this was a design issue for some models of  Monaco in this year.    He came up with his own solution for diverting the  water that can sometimes run into the room.  He says he’s done quite a few of these fixes and has never had one come back.  We trust Mike, so we’re hoping that will be the correct fix.  The seals looked good and tight to me, so I was shocked any water got through.  I don’t think it happens all the time, because there was no sign of damage, and hopefully we’ll be okay now.

We have 2 more items that need fixing.  One is a small paint scratch and the other is a cabinet adjustment.  So they will need to take it to the body area for that.  It’s kind of difficult moving in when you keep losing your coach!

We’re definitely anxious to finish the moving process and live in our new coach, but we’re thankful we’re finding these issues before we completely move us and the cats in and have no other place to stay.  It will be a lot more inconvenient when we don’t have the old motor home to keep the cats.

We have to take Squeaky to the vet this morning for a bile acids blood test.  She has to be fasting and she is one pissed off little girl!  I hate starving my baby!  The bright side is that have the cutest little white and black kitten there, that we’ll get to visit!

Our new Magne Shades came in yesterday, so we’ll go to Mom’s to pick them up.  We’re also getting the Progressive Industries voltage and surge protector today.  Mike managed to snag us a brand new power cord and a new shower head, so the only other big thing is a new dash cover and we still need to  make a decision on our extended warranty.

We’re getting there!


  1. Oh no, the dreaded leaks! Thank goodness they were found while you were still there. Sounds like the fix should be good. Can't imagine what you all are going thru on a day-to-day basis. But, it's reality. Yes, you probably have too much stuff. If I took the time, I bet I could get rid of at least 1/4 of what is in my kitchen cabinets. Since we eat out so much, I'm beginning to even wonder why I have pots and pans! Hope kitty does OK at the vet - poor thing, having to fast is no fun.

  2. Slowly but sounds like you are getting there!! Can't wait to see the new home.

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  3. Sounds like you all are getting things moved in and sorted through. It is always a challenge to figure out where to put things.
    Glad you are getting things all fixed up. Leaks are not good so it IS GOOD that you are getting them taken care of while you are there. I remember one of the first things we were told....water is our enemy!!
    Looking forward to the pics when you are all moved in!!

  4. 41 feet! I thought we were big, but I feel petite now. I envy your old pantry - ours is insufficient, and my mother would call it "Fibber McGee's closet." That's why we don't store the peanut butter on top anymore.

    (The Good Luck Duck)

  5. This all sounds so scary to me! So many minor fixes needed. I wouldn't know where to look or how to deal with the dealer! The couple of dealers I have talked to say things like "as is" or 30 day warrantee only on used rigs. Scary!
    Did you mention what year this Monaco is?

  6. hope all the little 'fixes; will be done soon and you can get on your way!!!

  7. Boy after catching up with your saga of the new motor home, I think I may never buy one. I LOVE my double slide out pantry where everything is visible and I haven't seen anything nearly as nice in any other rigs I've been in or seen at shows.

    Going from a 32 to a 40 seems enormous to me. I envy your spunk.

    Since we love being in state and national parks, we have to stay under 35' at the most but that seems big enough for us. Glad you found what you were wanting though and I know it won't be too long before all the bugs are worked out and everything moved over.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new home.


  8. Extended Warranties are always a tough one. Getting one seems to guarantee that you won't have any problems!


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