Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Very Good Days

Silver Springs, Florida (near Ocala)

We’ve been busy and are really enjoying our stay here at Wilderness Rv Park Estates.  We got the Passport America rate of $22 a night.  I  heard that they give a couple nights free if you take their tour and sales pitch.  Before we paid for additional nights, I asked about it and sure enough, we got two free nights!  I’m trying to learn to be “cheap” and I guess I’m picking it up pretty well, huh?  All it takes is to have no shame .Smile 

This is a great place to stay and more like a resort than a campground.  They have all the amenities and everything is very nice.

There is not much shade, but in the winter that is a good thing.  They have one section where they allow Park models, one section they don’t and a “Class A” only section with some really nice sites, some overlook the river.  That section has it’s own private pool.  They start at $47,000.  The ones where we are parked start at $27,000.

Here is a tour of the grounds.

The campground:

Wilderness Rv Estates Campground


Wilderness Rv Estates

Wilderness Rv Estates Campground


nice dog run with pond

dog run

Class A Section


fitness center


sauna and steam room



pool and dart room


Kayak and canoe rentals and the   launch into the Oklawaha river.  The water at the “put in” area is a little scummy,  but it quickly flows into the Oklawaha River, which runs into the beautiful Silver River.

kayak launch/rentals

Oklawaha River

Oklawaha River

It’s a very nice campground and we are thoroughly enjoying our stay here. There is a lot to do around here (hiking, kayaking, bird watching) and we would like to stay longer.  Unfortunately, we have to leave soon.

They even let us wash the motorhome, so we got that done on Thursday.

We took a drive over to Salt Springs and toured the springs and campground.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow…this post is getting too long. 

We also went to a u-pick Blueberry place and got some real nice berries.  They were $2.50 a pound and quite a bit more expensive than our place we used to go to.


Al picking blueberries

It didn’t take any time at all to get $12 worth of berries!


Al is rushing me to finish because he was promised blueberry pancakes this morning!

Al found a Brown Thrasher sitting in a nest right in the middle of a blueberry bush.  I got a picture of her, but I didn’t want to bother her anymore than I did, so the picture isn’t too good.

Brown Thrasher in nest

Al is looking on line and has discovered another rv dealer here in Ocala, so that might be what we do today!

After breakfast of course!



  1. I'm sure glad to see Al has his priorities right. Blueberry pancakes first! Definitely looks like a resort but the nice big sites are wonderful.

  2. Nice day, great photos! Those blueberries look good. Imagine finding a nest in those blueberry bushes during picking season. Poor bird. I hope her babies make it.

    I'm going to use up all the "free" times at RV parks with sales pitches. Why not? I'd like to see them, and what they offer.

  3. Blueberry, that sounds yummy! The blueberries look nice too!!
    Thanks for the pics of the campground. We'll keep this one on our list. We are always looking for nice campgrounds. :-)

  4. the blueberries look delicious and we hope the pancakes were even better!..enjoy the 'tire kicking'..or maybe their is a new rig in your future?

  5. Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves. Those blueberries look yummy. Free nights are always a good thing. Looks like a very nice resort.

  6. You gave us a nice tour of the campground. Enjoy those blueberry pancakes. Yum!

  7. Looks like you have enough to make a blueberry pie too. Great looking park and I like it being Passport America. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna......

  8. Did you check out Suncoast RV in Ocala? That is where we traded our motorhome in on the new 5er in January. They treated us well.

  9. Lovin that campground! We may have to visit there!

  10. Nice facilities but since I have lived all my life in the humidity of NC, I just can not understand why anyone would enjoy a sauna and steam room!


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