Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Good Day for Movies

It’s raining. 

Not the lightning and thunder that Tampa is famous for, but just a steady rain (at least so far.)  Tampa is the lightning capitol of the world and I always get a bit nervous.  Actually, when we lived here in our concrete block house, I got a bit nervous…in the motorhome, I get very nervous!

It looks like it’s going to be a good day to watch movies and stay home. 

The campground is convenient and close to Mom’s house, but is definitely not the greatest campground we’ve ever seen.  We are paid through Sunday night, so Monday we’ll have to figure out where we need to go.  We’ll probably go over to Lazy Days Campground and use our 2 free days.  We need to make sure we have a home for the 4th of July week-end, and fortunately in Florida there are so many snowbird parks that something will be available.

Not much going on and no issues with Mom (knock on wood), so hopefully we will have a peaceful week-end.

Here are a couple sneak peak pictures of the Motorhome we’ve been looking at.

2003 Monaco Windsor


We’re still checking things out…time will tell Smile


  1. I hate all kinds of storms. And the noise is just magnified living in the motor home. Hate it.

    What a gorgeous coach. Let us know what's happening with it. And so glad to hear Mom is doing good.

  2. I think the whole country is covered by a thunderstorm cloud - except AZ! If we spend much more time inside, they may have to change our job title here in IA to "Motorhome Host."
    Glad your Mom is feeling better - don't let up on finding out exactly what is wrong. Sometimes it takes a hard push from someone on the sidelines.
    Keep up the search too. We're still shopping - dreaming really! Someday our "ship will come in." Just hope I'm not at the airport!

  3. that is one beautiful coach! the paint job and the cabinetry!..hope it works out for you both!!..enjoy your movie day!!

  4. I always wondered why Tampa's hockey team was called the 'Lightning', now I know.

    Beautiful looking rig, hope things work out whatever you decide.

  5. Could that be the 2003 Monaco Windsor 40PBD? Sure looks nice. Hope it works out for ya.

  6. That's quite a rig, just beautiful. It's such fun looking.

    I haven't been in a storm in The Palms yet. I'm looking forward to it, but I may eat those words!

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