Sunday, June 12, 2011

Searching for John Travolta…and Motorhome

Silver Springs, Florida

Yesterday after our blueberry pancake breakfast we decided to see if we could find the motor home of our dreams,  since there are a lot of dealers in the area.

We went to 4 rv dealers yesterday, but we didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without.  We’re looking for find a 40 foot Diesel pusher in the 2002 range.  If anyone knows of any good bargains, let us know!

On the way back to the campground, we saw a beautiful gated residence and we remembered that John Travolta has a place in this area.  We checked it out to see if there was a place to park a 727 jet and since there wasn’t, we figured it probably wasn’t his place!

He has a huge landing strip where he can land his 727 jet.  It’s supposed to be quite the place.   We didn’t really go looking for it, but we kept our eyes open,  just in case.  Here is a picture of the place I got from the internet.  Quite a nice place, isn’t it?

John Travolta s House

He parks the jet right up next to the house, so that he can just run right in.  Convenient, huh?

Unfortunately, we have to leave our lovely campground tomorrow and head back to Tampa.  If we could, we’d stay a few more weeks.  It’s been such a pleasant stay with no aggravations or hassles.  They definitely try to keep their customers happy here.  The weather has been relatively pleasant with a nice breeze during the day and cooler temps in the evenings.  We’ve been able to turn off the a/c  every night.  There are some fires in the area and early this morning the smoke was blowing our way and it was a bit bothersome.  I’m not exactly sure where the fires are, but I don’t think they are close.  We’re not getting any local tv here, so we aren’t in the loop.  I think I will call Directv today and see if they can change our location to the Tampa area so that we will get Tampa stations.  I understand they will do that occasionally. I guess I’ll find out.

We’re not sure what we’re going to do today.  We may hang around here today since we’ve been running the past few days.   Sometime today we might just need to decide where we’re going to be sleeping tomorrow night!  Yeah, we’re not big planners. Smile


  1. Sounds like your having fun... YES sometimes Direct TV will cahnge your locals to the area you're in. We tell them we have moved to that area temporarily and could they change our zip code to get the locals. Some of the techs are helpful and do it and some give you grief. I hang up and call again! LOL LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Since we just use the antenna, we always have the local stations. Sure am glad you guys are getting a chance to just "hang loose". I want you back out there finding John's house. And I think you should knock on his door and tell him I want to see a picture of you guys with him. I'm sure that would work.LOL

  3. When you take your bed with you, you can sleep anywhere.

  4. After seeing Travolta's 727 parked in his yard, I won't feel so bad next time I have to fill up our Silverado Duramax with diesel fuel!!

  5. DirecTV will change your location for you. We had to fill out a form stating that we had no stationary home and that the MH was our home. They charged us $14 additional a month and our channels would change as we did. We did not have to call after this it just changed automatically. So much more convenient. I forget what it is called but check it out.

    Sorry you didn't find your dream MH but I bet its out there just waiting for you guys to discover it. Good luck!

  6. I have seen photos of Travolta's pad and it is amazing. I'm with Rick when you find it you should knock on the door --oh, I mean gate and request a photo. :)

  7. I vote for just watching for the plane and then follow him!!!

  8. Keep us posted on the results with Direct TV. We still have Atlanta stations but might want to change, if possible.
    How long will you be in Tampa? Is that going to be a semi-permanent location for ya'll?
    Have fun wherever you end up!

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