Thursday, June 02, 2011

Today’s the Day

Well my little icon on my Droid phone that has been keeping a count of the days, now shows a big “0”.

The plan is to close on the house today at 2 pm.  We still have some stuff in the house, but it’s mostly emptied out.  We’ll finish that up this morning.

We were up early yesterday and didn’t stop until about 11 pm last night.  Poor Al is worn out.  Of course the 102 degree temperature yesterday didn’t help one bit!

We had to put the pressure on to sell the washer/dryer and small mower, but I dropped the prices and emailed a few people that had previously responded to my Craig's List ad, and we got them all sold.  The only thing left is the big mower, and the buyer  is supposed to pick it up today after closing.  If he doesn’t, we’re screwed!

We have 48 hours after closing to vacate the garage and the rv spot.  The garage is unattached and up on the hill by the rv spot, a long way from the house.  We figured we would need some time after closing to have the mower and golf cart picked up, and to prepare the motor home for travel.  It’s going to be strange being here when we  no longer own the place.   We plan to leave here Saturday, but we still haven’t decided where we will be going.

We are struggling with this oppressive heat.  Everything you do takes more out of  you when it’s this hot.  I’ll be glad when we can head south to Florida where it’s cooler!

I’m up early again for some quiet time before we have to start our day.   I have been reflecting on how we got where we are now and the big changes that have occurred during our lives together.  I was remembering the first time I met Al.  It was on the island of Guam when I was just 15 years old.  Who would have thought we’d be where we are today, preparing to make yet another huge change in our lives?

I remembered leaving Nebraska and our families a few months after we got married.  We studied  a map to pick out where we wanted to move, and with a leap of faith, headed to Tampa, Florida.  We’d never been to Florida, but it sounded nice!  I remember picking Tampa out because it was warm  and near the water.  Neither of had ever been to Florida so we had no clue what to expect.

After 30 years living in Florida, I remember taking that fateful drive and ending up in Cairo, Georgia.  I remember the first time we saw this beautiful piece of property and instantly falling in love with it.  I remember how very hard we worked to get all of our “stuff” up here and to get our Tampa house sold.  I remember how much we loved this land and how much we enjoyed living here.  We kept our full timing rv dream in the back of our mind, but didn’t know how we could ever leave this place that we both loved so much.  I remember starting to miss Florida and the beautiful oceans and rivers.  I remember the rv dream starting to be rekindled in both of us and I remember us coming to the conclusion that it was time to start over once again. That rv dream was back in the forefront.  Fortunately with every major change we’ve had in our lives, we have both wanted the same things, at the same time.  We just seem to grow together in our wants.  We’re very lucky in that respect. 

I think we will both be a little sad to leave this place, but we are ready to get on with the next phase in our lives. 

Today is going to be a very busy day.

Here is another picture of the “prize.”

redwater kayak.corr


  1. Oh happy day!!!!
    I felt the same way you described in your post. I felt some sadness as we drove out of the drive-way. I didn't have the warm memories you described but it was still our home for almost 10 years. As soon as we entered the motorhome (and it WAS home) and drove off I never looked back!!!
    You will take the wonderful memories and head out to make some more!! We are so happy for you guys!

  2. Karen I am so excited for you two.
    Maybe you need to just go somewhere and rest for awhile..This has probably taken more out of you than you realize!!

    Can't wait for the adventure to begin.

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  3. This is going to be such a wonderful day for you guys. But I agree with Cindy - I think you are more tired than you realize. So pick someplace not too far away and just relax for a couple of weeks. You now have all the time in the world to enjoy.

  4. Once we closed on our house, the only thoughts we had were, how glad we were that it was sold.

    Have a great time on the road. If you want cooler temps, here in TN it was 101 yesterday :(

  5. I imagine it will be a bit sad to leave your home, but that will fade in time. Good luck today, hope all goes well.

  6. Yippee! You did it! Now on to a whole new phase in your life. Hope all goes well today.

    When we pulled out of our subdivision after we had the contract on our house, we were so happy. Roger honked the airhorn because we finally were heading off on adventure. I never even felt a bit sad - but you enjoyed your home more than I did.

    We leave Citrus Ridge on Sunday - heading to Ft. Desoto for a couple of days before heading to Nashville.

    Find a nice quiet spot, kayak, and enjoy the moment wherever you end up.

  7. Thinking of you so strongly this afternoon! We have been following your journey closely, planning and hoping to be in the same position in less than three years. Good luck today.

  8. Every move we have made has been for the better. I'm hoping you will find that to be true for you. I think you now where you are going, and are happy to be doing it together.

    You are still tied to Florida by Al's work and by your mother. But now you will have a bit more freedom.

    Best of luck this afternoon.

  9. Having walked those same steps there are many like us who know just how you feel. We haven't looked back since we hit the road and each day is truly a new adventure whether we're parked for a day or a month.
    You're in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

  10. Our paths in life have been a little different from yours, but you have put words to my feelings so much better than I could have done. The next phase in life is yours for the taking. Enjoy it!!

  11. I'm sure you thought this day may never arrive. We are really happy for the two of you. Now maybe after you get...wherever you're going , you can relax a little bit. Look forward to continue to follow your journeys.

  12. Hope everything fell into place today for you both!..happy 'new life' to you both!!


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