Thursday, June 09, 2011

Arrived at New Destination

Silver Springs, Florida

Map picture

We made the “long” 95 mile  journey to Wilderness Rv Park Estates,  and arrived mid afternoon.  It’s a huge snowbird type park with 412 lots that you can buy or rent.  There are a lot of rv’s parked here with no one living in them, but there are a surprising amount of people actually staying here right now. 

We asked for a shady lot and we were told they had a few that were shady.  They led us to a completely sunny lot,  so we switched to another spot that has  shade on the drivers side.  That was the best we could do. 

The Passport America rate is $22 a night.  There are two pools, exercise room, hot tub (not working right now), shuffleboard, lodge, clubhouse, laundry, kayak and canoe rentals (there is river access), and cabins.  It’s a very nice park, but it is not the park setting like we prefer in the state parks.

I guess there is a trade off  though.  You get the beautiful park like settings of a state park, or the amenities of a private campground.  Right now, full hook-ups and the pool sound pretty nice. 

I’ll get some pictures of the place today.  It’s really a very nice place and super easy to get to from I-75.  There is access to the Oklawaha River, which runs into the beautiful Silver River.  This is a picture from several years ago.  Notice the clear blue water?

Kayaking on Silver River

We got settled in pretty quickly.  It always amazes me how quickly a new place can feel like home and that you can settle in so much quicker then prepare to leave a place.

We went and had lunch then went to a few local rv dealers.  We are still considering a larger coach.  We didn’t’ find anything we loved.  I think we may end up down in Fort Myers (Gulf Coast, south of Tampa) after we finish in Tampa.  There are a lot more rv dealers there, and one is a Newmar dealer with a huge inventory of used coaches.

I’ve been corresponding with a guy in Tampa that is interested in buying our Honda  CRv.  Hopefully we can sell it while we’re in Tampa, so I won’t have to tag along behind Al.  We are planning on renting a small storage unit in Tampa, and next fall moving our stuff out of our Georgia storage building, into the one in Tampa.  We need one more centrally located to where we’ll be.  Once we get the new building in Tampa, I’ll be able to remove all the stuff from the Honda and we can sell it.  Between the kayaks, gear, scuba gear, important papers, and Al’s pest control stuff, we have two cars that are full!  A larger motor home, sure would help with our storage issues!

It was nice and cool last night, getting down to 64 degrees!  Love those cool nights with the windows open and the breeze blowing in on us!  It’s only supposed to be 89 here today, so maybe it won’t be so miserable.

I don’t know what we’re going to do today…have to have a few more cups of coffee and then we’ll decide.


  1. Love those temps! Have fun in your new area!

  2. Looks like a great place to go for a paddle!

  3. Gee, Karen, we are just getting our days UP to 64 degrees! Enjoy Ocala, I even like it there in the summer. My friend Bel is hanging in there, and at least her air conditioning works at her home.

  4. sure sounds like you are both adjusting well to this new 'lifestyle'!..I vote for a lounge chair by the pool!!..that's what I would do if I was you..but, me?..I have go off to is only Thursday?

  5. Gee - what to do today? How about relaxing and nothing. Sure sounds good to me. That water is beautiful. Are you going to get the kayaks wet? Good luck selling the Honda.

  6. There is a wonderful full hook up campground in the Ocala National it is 50% off with your Access Pass. There are some beautiful springs there and also a kayak access.

    Enjoy your stay! We are looking forward to reading about your kayak trips.

  7. Nice and warm, that's a great way to start your full-timing life. That Silver River looks absolutely beautiful - must be a great place for kayaking.

  8. Been out of the loop for a few days, spent 12 hours in the water at the Lake in the last three days.Maybe some day I will try a kayak, right now I'm up the creek without a paddle.Hope it isn't as hot as here, heat index was 105 yesterday and 97. Have a great time in your new life. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

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  10. Have you looked in Tampa? We bought at Lazy Days and love them.

  11. I think that Silver River is calling out to you and the kayaks. Looks like a beautiful river to kayak on. Hope you enjoy the park.

    Kevin and Ruth


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