Saturday, June 04, 2011

Heading out of Dodge

Cairo, Georgia

Well today, we are finally going to leave the beautiful property that we have loved for the past five years.  At this point, I just want to be finished, stop working and go!  I may have different feelings once we are actually ready to pull out.

We have been so busy getting everything out of the house and garage that we haven't done any preparation of the motor home or cars.  We have been shoving things into the motor home and now I need to put some of them away before we leave.

We’re hoping to get out of town around noon, but we still have one more small load to take to our storage shed.  Thank goodness for that shed.  It’s quite full!  I have to keep reminding myself that even though we have a full storage shed, that we did get rid of a LOT of stuff and that we did the best we could.  We figure we must have had at least 35 garage sales.  Yes, we had a lot of stuff!

We got some very much needed rain last night and may get some more this morning.  I hope it doesn’t delay our trip.

We are planning to go to Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park, but we haven’t made any reservations.  Depending on how tired we are when we leave and if we run into any problems, we may find some place closer.

See ya down the road!



  1. Indeed....see ya down the road!! You guys travel safe and welcome to your new life as full-timers!!

  2. Just a couple more hours and you're outta there and on the road to adventure! Congratulations! A lot of us have been going through this whole process with you (too bad we didn't stop by to help,ha ha)so we are all so happy for you.

    Sounds like the storage shed was definitely a good idea in your situation.

    I can hardly wait to read about where your travels will take you.

  3. Well, you've reach your goal... Congratulations. We hope this next adventure is all that you want it to.

    Get some rest and then have a ball:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  4. Hi Karen and Al,
    Just stopping by to say CONGRATS and enjoy your new lifestyle - we'll miss the neat pics you posted of your "old" homestead - but look forward to the new digs!
    Enjoy each day and take care now - job well done!
    The Camp's in DE for the summer!

  5. I have a headache today from all the celebrating I did last night for you guys. Sure am glad you're finally hitting the road so I can slow down again. Seriously, I am so happy for you and hope we can meet someday - on the road!

  6. I'm jealous, but happy for you too!

    Drive safe, you have the rest of your lives.

  7. congrats on getting 'it done'!! travels as you head out on the open road!!

  8. Congratulations! You got it done. I am sure you will feel such a relief as you pull out and hit the road and finally get a chance to sit back and relax.


    Kevin and Ruth


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