Sunday, March 16, 2014

This and That


Florida Keys,  (high 81, low 77)

We’ve been enjoying slightly cooler temperatures the past week, but unfortunately, we’ve also had some pretty brisk winds in the 20-25 mph range.  It’s keeps it cool, but doesn’t make it great for boating.

Depending on the direction of the winds, we may be able to take the boat out today and hide in a little cove near the mangroves.  The nice thing about being in the Keys, is that you can easily walk to the ocean or bay and check out the conditions.


We took another drive down to Venture Out yesterday.  I guess now that we own it and are allowed past security, we just want to go spend some time there, but our tenants don’t leave for a few more weeks.

We wandered around and spent some time under this nice tiki hut.  We decided that will probably be our favorite place to hang out, since it is so nicely shaded.  I imagine we’ll spend more time in this saltwater pool than in the freshwater pool.

Venture Out 

Of course these are  “shark infested waters.”     :)


The pool is nice.  It overlooks the ocean and is very pretty, but there is not enough shade.  They have some small little umbrellas but you’d find it difficult getting out of the sun near the pool.  I think it’s too breezy for larger umbrellas.

venture out pool


We stopped at the flea market on the way home.  Al picked up a fishing rod holder for the boat then we came home and started watching the Tv mini-series Klondike.  It was based on a true story and we really enjoyed the series.  It was about the Klondike gold rush.  Many died and very few found gold and survived to get it home.

A few days ago, we got the movie Dallas Buyers Club from Redbox.  It was a really good movie with an interesting storyline.  Another true story and another very sad one.   We highly recommend this movie.

We decided to go back to Boondocks Grill and Drafthouse again last night, and catch the Beatles Tribute.  The band is a Florida band called  The Nowhere Band.    They came out in black suits and Beatle haircuts. They were very good and we enjoyed them.  After their break, they came back in Nehru (remember them?) jackets.  Unfortunately, we were up in the bar and didn’t have a good view of the group.   I’m sure we’ll go back there often because they have some sort of entertainment every night.  In fact today, they have $2.00 mimosas.    Hummmmmm….boating/mimosas???  

When we drove up to Boondocks last night, we had to laugh, trying to remember when we last went out to listen to music at a bar on a Saturday night.  We couldn’t remember!   We stayed out very late though…..8:30  :)


Not much else happening around here, but here is my “the end”  shot for today.


Hey….everybody has to do laundry sometime, don’t they?


It sure made us laugh!


  1. Looks like some very large people live in that Phaeton. ;)

  2. I saw your post on FB and had to laugh. We're eating out earlier and earlier too. When did that happen to us!? Love your new lot in the Keys, beautiful!

  3. that for real?
    Congratulations on your new property! Can't wait to see your rig all set up! It sure is beautiful!

  4. Settling in anxiously waiting to take possession. We don't even go out after dark anymore, we just get used to it I guess.

  5. It is amazing how much earlier we go home at night anymore. We stayed out until 9:00 the other night and weren't sure we could find our way home in the dark. lol The laundry definitely makes for a great laugh.

  6. 8:30- you guys are walking on the wild side. Heck we were in bed by 8:30.

  7. I really want to see Dallas Buyers Club but Paul not so much. He isn't much of a movie guy. that is a pair of bloomers! (As my grandma would say.)

  8. OK, that's either some sort of miniature RV or....never mind.

  9. Wow, I am not sure two folks of that size would fit into a Phaeton!

  10. The person wearing those skivvies certainly exceeded the CCC in that Phaeton... :cO


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