Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunshine Key Beach


Florida Keys  (high 83, low 73)


We have a 30% chance of rain today and tomorrow and the winds will continue, so I don’t think boating will be in our future for another day or two.   I wish these March winds would quit.  I’m anxious for flat calm seas.  I predict they will quit on April 1st.  :)

We planned on taking the boat out yesterday and finding a place to hunker down in away from the winds.  After checking things out on the bridges, and the marina, we decided to go to “plan B.” 

Sunshine Key Resort has a nice beach area and there are some big trees for shade.  A perfect place to sit outside and do a little reading.

Sunshine Key beach

That’s the old Flagler Railway bridge in the background.  It’s no longer used except as a fishing bridge.  The main highway is right behind it.  Those beautiful arches on the bridge were built in the early 1900’s.  

Sunshine Key beach

We are sitting on the Gulf/bay side.  Through the arches is the Atlantic ocean.  The tide is low, so you see the rocky ocean floor in the foreground.   People were looking for shells.

Sunshine Key beach

As beautiful as this location looks in pictures, it has a major flaw, which is common here in the Keys.  The flaw is the road noise.  Most of the islands/keys are fairly small and the highway is almost always near, bringing lots of noise from the passing cars, trucks and RV’s.

Lots of RV’s still coming to the Keys.  When is it going to slow down?

Fortunately, at our new lot in Venture Out, we are a good ways from the Overseas Highway, so we will be able to sit out in the boat, or by the water and not hear traffic.  Yea!

Several folks came by to take their dogs out for a swim.

These Labs weren’t nearly as interesting in swimming as the standard poodle that came later. 

Sunshine Key beach

There is a rumor that there is an American Crocodile in this area.  We didn’t see one, but we know for sure there are some up in Islamorada, and I believe I heard of one in Marathon, which is just over the 7 mile bridge.  I guess it’s possible.   I’m not sure I’d want one at the beach with me, especially since there are a lot of dogs around.

There was some fishing activity as well.


With the wind, it got a little chilly in the shade later in the day, so I moved to some sun.   I didn’t even know Al took this picture.

Sunshine Key beach

Sunshine Key beach

We enjoyed our day of reading but soon it was time to go home and get ready for happy hour.  We decided to go back to Boondocks and watch the Beatles again.  They had $2 mimosas and $.49 wings.  We had a couple drinks and munchies, then called it a night.

By the time we got home I was tired.   I have not yet adjusted to the time change.  For some reason, I’ve been waking up at 5am, which is 4am by my body clock.  I love being up early in the morning and watching the sun rise, so as soon as I wake up at 5, I’ve been getting up, instead of turning over and going back to sleep, like I should.  So of course, by early evening, I’m sleepy.   No, before you think it….I don’t think the Mimosa’s were the problem.  :)    I only had two and they were small!

There is some talk in Florida about keeping daylight savings time all year long.  I don’t think I would be opposed to that idea.   I sure don’t remember having as much trouble adjusting to the time changes as I have the last few times.  I think it’s partly because we’re both retired now and nothing is forcing us to change our actual schedule, so we just go along with what our body clock is telling us.  A good thing, maybe.

This morning, true to form, I’m up at 5am.   It’s now 7am and just getting light out.  I can see palm trees and the beginnings of what may be a beautiful sunrise.

We’re not sure what today will bring.  Maybe a repeat of yesterday and another day reading at the beach.  Or….we may go to Key West.   Time will tell.


  1. Mimosas and wings...yummy!

    Your "relaxing" site looks lovely. Sun, shade, water....what more would any one want.

  2. Looks like you came up with a pretty good plan for the day.

  3. Great picture of you reading. An ad for being retired if I ever saw one. I'd say being farther from the road noise in your new site is one GIANT plus. Are you counting down the days? As you know, I agree that this time switch messes big time with our body clocks. I'd love it if places and even states would just stick with DST and stop the switch. If I ever get off the road that may be up on my list of requirements for a place to be. I love being up early in the quiet and don't mind going to bed early at all. Things sure look great there in the keys.

  4. Love that pic of you relaxing in the shade with a book. Just the we enjoy it too.
    We really have adjustments to make all winter from the east coast to the west coast and back three time zones. and to DST and back. and no matter what time zone I we go to sleep about 9pm and wake at 430 am.

  5. Beautiful photos of a nice, relaxing day - just what I plan to do today, except for the beautiful beach view of course.

  6. These pictures bring back good memories of Sunshine Key. Geez, I haven't been reading blogs and I just read that you now own property in the Keys. Terrific! I know how much you love it there. I agree, it has to be better than out west in the wind and blowing dirt. Congratulations on getting your place in the sun. You have been posting some outstanding photos.

  7. If you decide to rent out your lot in the future, we would probably be interested in a week or two during the summer sometime. We haven't made it to the Keys this year.

  8. I'm surprised you didn't already have a mimosa with you while you were reading on the beach. What kind of Island Girl are you anyway?

    Nice tan, by the way. We're all jealous... :cD

  9. Rough life! By the way, things are smoothing out with our house sale. Looking good again. What a roller coaster.


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