Saturday, March 08, 2014

Good Day for Sailing


Florida Keys,  (high 77, low 62)


We took a few days break from boating, not because we want to, but because it’s windy.   If we had a sailboat, we’d be in good shape!

A strong front came through Florida yesterday, and we were under a tornado watch most of the day.   I was concerned about the big red squall line showing on the radar, but fortunately, it started breaking up before it reached us.   It was rainy and windy most of the evening and the winds are pretty strong.   Evidently the cold front has reached the southernmost part of the United States.  Check out our predicted low temps for last night.   Wow.   62 degrees.

The water temperature will be dropping a little, I guess.  It had just gotten warm enough for Al to snorkel.  He was waiting for 80 degrees, and he finally got a chance a few days ago.   He was determined to get wet a few days ago.

We were anchored in shallow waters near the 7 Mile Bridge.   The current is always stronger around the bridges and I could see it was running pretty strong.   I kept “suggesting” that it was not a good time or place to snorkel, but he was determined.  



I made him carry a tag line with him that was attached to the boat….just in case. 

He wasn’t in the water 2 minutes before he realized I was right and the current was too strong, and he came back in.




We had a busy day yesterday.  We headed up to the town/island of Islamorada to go to the big Bass Pro shop.  We wanted to look at Tilley hats (like Kevin and Ruth) recommend.   We saw a guy a few days ago that had half his ear removed and bandages all over his face.  We’re thinking he was out in the sun too much.  We always try to wear sunscreen, but we figured a nice hat with a wide brim is the ticket down here.

We stopped at a few roadside shops on the day and made a day out of it.  Our plan was to be back to the Sunset Bar and Grill in time for the happy hour at sunset.

We made a stop at Bud & Mary’s marina to watch the tarpon and visit the dive shop.



They have covered wet slips for boats.  Inside the covered room, reminded me of old barns.


There are a lot of commercial charter fishing boats, and along with the tarpon in the water, plenty of pelicans.


The pelicans can really be a problem because they like to sit on nice clean boats.  


This wood post had nails on the top, presumably to keep the pelicans from roosting on it.

It didn’t work.


I felt kind of sorry for this guy. 


Our next stop was to Robbies Marina.  It’s kind of famous for their tarpon feeding.  It used to be more fun before it became so well known.  It’s at mile marker 77.5.

This is one of the tarpon feeding areas. They sell buckets of small fish.  You can see the girls laying down on the dock feeding the waiting tarpon.


Last year, there was a You Tube video floating around where a guy had his arm caught inside the mouth of a very large tarpon.  It happened right here at Robbies.

There are plenty of them there and many of them were 6-7 feet in length.




They rent jet boats and kayaks at Robbies.  These people were coming in after a very windy day on the water.  The tarpon were waiting.


The kayak  launch is very nice and you can see American Crocodiles in these waters.  We have never paddled there, mainly because there are just too many people.  It’s a great place to kayak though with the beautiful mangroves and there are two islands nearby that are state parks. 

Al finally broke down and bought a bucket of fish. 



We made it back to the Sunset Grill just before sunset.  Unfortunately, with the very strong winds and cooler temperatures, it wasn’t the best place to be last night.


There’s Al in his sexy new hat.


The wind didn’t stop these folks from enjoying a game of corn hole.


It got pretty chilly so we didn’t even stay for the sunset.


Today, we’re going to a big Seafood festival up in Marathon.  It’s supposed to be pretty nice, and since we have to pay $5.00 each, it better be.

The winds are supposed to die down, so we’re planning on betting back out in the boat this afternoon.


  1. When will men learn to lesson to us women?

    Those tarpons are huge. What a treat to see them so close. Hope you enjoy the festival.

  2. A seafood festival sounds like just the ticket!

  3. Seafood festival sounds wonderful.
    Since we are outside year round we began wearing wide brimmed hats years ago,a wise choice, where is your hat?

  4. I have a nice hat like that which I bought on New Zealand. I don't use sunscreen as often as I should. Last year, when we went to arizona, I bought a Neutrogena moisturizer with sun protection in it. I was pretty good at using some every morning, but when it was gone I didn't buy more. I guess I should do that!

  5. Great pics of those Tarpon - they sure do get big.

    Nice to end a day like that relaxing at the Sunset Grill.

  6. I would definitely not want pelicans to be camping on my boat!

  7. So did you think of me when you saw the bandaged guy!?! I have several hats and even a hair piece because my hair is very thin. My summerish hat has an even wider brim than Al's and I got it at the Q! Always wear the sunscreen even with the hat and don't forget all the other places on your body, like arms and legs!!!

    I know... Nag, nag, nag...

  8. You certainly have the beach bum lifestyle down to a "T".

    Those tarpon are something to see, after all the food they get fed, no wonder they are so big!

  9. Good choice on the hats. I love the ocean...and enjoyed the pictures. I did feel a little sorry for the pelican standing on nails too, but do understand. It's crazy how the weather changes so fast....

    Seafood sounds yummy!

  10. Can't blame Al for trying. Had to laugh at your cold low of 62! We had 38 just a day ago. And where is the picture of your hat? Will I have to save up my pennies to buy one??

  11. Karen,

    I sent you an email to your Yahoo account about your VA questions.


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