Friday, July 19, 2013

New Rv Lot in the Making


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 91, low 72)  thunderstorms

Florida certainly hasn’t been having any drought issues this summer.  We’re in our typical summer rainy season, which means thunderstorms every afternoon.  Some of these thunderstorms have brought 6000-7000 lightning strikes per hour….according to the weathermen.  We are the lightning capitol of the country, so this is normal, but it’s way too much lightning for me.  I have started drinking a glass of wine during these storms and that seems to help my nerves.  Most of these storm are in the afternoon, but if the winds shift, then we get morning storms….and yes, I drink my wine in the morning if there is a storm.  Hey, it’s for medicinal purposes!

Al is continuing to ride with the various technicians who will be taking over his pest control accounts.  They have assigned areas, so it’s not the same person for all of the accounts.  It’s been a bit of a hassle working around everybody's schedules, but little by little he’s getting it done.  We hope to be able to get out of town next week.

I have spent several days in the company of Tim and Ken from Stratton Mobile Rv Repair, with the leaking washing machine.   We finally determined that we not only had a leaking water pump in the washing machine, but we had a leaky hose.  We thought there was a bad cold water valve, but it appears to be okay now, so hopefully that ends the saga of the leaking washing machine.

We also had them look at our inverter.  Since we’re at a site with electricity and in the summer we travel with the generator on, it took us a while to realize our inverter wasn’t working properly. The batteries were kept charged, but it wouldn’t invert when we we had a power outage or if we were disconnected from the generator and shore power.  Tim checked it out and did a “hard reset” on it several times and for now at least, it’s working properly.   We tried the hard reset ourselves following the instructions in the manual, but it didn’t work.  He found no other issues with the inverter.


Now that those two projects are done, Al just needs to do his normal pre-trip check of the fluids and we’ll be good to go.


Thanks for all the comments from my previous post about how to avoid Atlanta.   Going straight through Atlanta would definitely be the most direct route, but most everyone seems to avoid it if at all possible, unless you can go through on a Sunday.  Jeff and Jan both suggested another route which will take us up on the east side of Atlanta, via highways 129, 441, and 76.  I was a little concerned about highway 76, but per Jeff, it’s easily do-able in a motor home. I also did some checking on Google Earth, and I didn’t see any issues.  Until recently, I had never done much route planning with Google Earth, because I didn’t really know how to use it.  I’ve learned more now, and it’s really a wonderful tool to check out both campgrounds and the roads you are planning on taking.   Thanks Google!   We may have no privacy anymore, but I still like the benefits of all this technology!


The excitement today around Quail Run Rv Park is a new concrete rv slab being poured.  Another one of my exciting posts was the day they removed a Park Model home from the site next door. 




The mobile home had been gone since late May, and they are just now getting the concrete laid for a RV site.  We have a birds eye view, since the site is next door.   I like seeing how things are made, so I’ve been watching the concrete pour through the living room window.


It’s interesting seeing how nicely they are able to smooth the blob of concrete.


So far, they have made two loads, but that wasn’t quite enough to finish, so they will be bringing another truck for the remaining section.


You can tell we haven’t done anything exciting lately, can’t you?


  1. A day in the life...we all have them.
    Love your fox header!

  2. I bet you just wanted to walk across that wet concrete pad, didn't you? That would have livened up your day... ;c)

    1. Have we met? You just know me too well, because I really, really did want to walk across that new concrete.

  3. What is it about new concrete where we want to make our mark? You know you aren't supposed to, but you REALLY REALLY want to! Love the fox photo. Eldy would have been glued to the window watching, he doesn't take photos, but I would have. Doesn't take much to keep our attention, does it? Still fun to see what's going on.

  4. Hey, I'd be out there in a chair with a cool refreshment, watching the pour. And NO, you do NOT get to muck up the fresh concrete. One of the guys helping me pour the concrete for our shed wanted to leave the date, and I wasn't about to do that. Call me stodgy, but it never really looks anything better than a big mess when that happens, so I would sooner just trowel it out and be done with it.

  5. Thanks for the heads up around Atlanta. We wrote this one down and now won't have to wait till Sunday morning to leave Augusta.

  6. I love your wine excuse!! But I need to know where were you when you got that fabulous picture of the fox?? Just one of the best I've ever seen. Glad you have gotten all the washer and inverter issues worked out. It always seems to be something.

  7. When the storm starts drink, enough wine until you don't care about the storm anymore! LOL

    Watching a concrete pour is just above watching grass grow. LOL

  8. I had not thought about using storms as a good reason to have wine, but it is now on the list:)

  9. I guess Pat and Ron are staying all summer.

  10. I have used going over high bridges on windy days as an excuse to break out the whiskey, but now I can add thunderstorms and lightening to the need for a glass of wine. If it's morning, I might try champagne.

    The fox photo is stunning!

  11. You oughta turn the storms into a drinking game. Lightening strike? Shot! Two or three strikes in, it won't even be an issue anymore.

  12. Nothing even comes close to the excitement generated by "drying concrete"!

  13. I like watching concrete guys work - don't know why but it's always been fun for me.

  14. I'd be interested in knowing how thick the concrete is (4" or 6" or ? ) and whether or not they laid reinforcing wire or some such thing in it.

    Hope the inverter issue gets solved and works correctly.

  15. Always like to watch people working it is so interesting.

  16. I am with you, Karen. I bemoan the loss of privacy, but not enough to give up the wonders of google. Sigh.


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