Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He’s Back


Wesley Chapel, Florida


It’s back…..with a vengeance!   Baxter's appetite, I mean.

The vet told us to feed feed him small meals of meat baby food for 2 days and then a bland diet.  At the time she said that, I was thinking to myself that if his appetite came back, he would not be satisfied with small, bland meals. 

I was right.  We were gone for a few hours yesterday and when we got home Bax was hungry.  Normally, Baxter is always hungry and when he quit eating, we were extremely worried.

Early Tuesday morning, I got up to check on Baxter and he was starving. I finally gave in and gave him some dry cat foot and a small amount of canned food.  He inhaled the dry food  without even chewing and was begging for more.

Unfortunately, he begged and pleaded so much that I may have let him eat too much and later in the day he didn’t seem to be feeling too well again.  Oops.   No more vomiting though.

By last night, he was better and eating more normally, but not quite as ravenous as usual.  He played a little last night, so we’re hoping he’s on his way back to normal.




We’re trying to wrap up things here and get everything taken care with the business.  Al hopes to be finished with that today, so this should be his very last day!  He’s going to be real glad to be done with it all.  I might even take him our for a celebratory dinner tonight!

We’re still planning/hoping to leave Florida and go back to the Georgia mountains, but for now, everything is up in the air.   Now, there is a new player in our plans in the form of a tropical depression…..soon to be tropical storm/hurricane which is heading west from the African coast. 

I guess we’ll play it by ear for now.


Summer is rainy season in Florida and this year has been a particularly wet rainy season.  We haven’t had much opportunity to sit outside and watch wildlife.

Our site backs up to a beautiful wooded area that is teaming with wildlife.


We try to keep our birdfeeders full, and we have a lot of bird activity.

Last night,  for the first time in quite a while, it wasn’t raining and we got to sit outside and enjoy the wildlife.

Al snapped a photo of this pretty male Cardinal.


This next picture was taken a few months ago when the fox appeared just a few feet from us and was eating the seed that had fallen from the bird feeders.  The orange dish you see is a bird bath.



We’ve seen deer,foxes, birds, otters and most recently turkeys.




We understand there is a coyote around here, but so far we have not seen it. 

Last night I saw something brownish in color across the water on the edge of the woods.


I zoomed in with my camera for a closer look and was surprised to find these guys.



They seemed to be inseparable.  I thought they were youngsters, but our neighbor thinks they are a mating pair. 



They appeared to be munching on something in the grass and didn’t appear to be concerned with us watching them.

There is always a lot of wildlife in this area.


We sure enjoy sitting outside watching our wildlife, and despite the rain we haven’t been bothered too much with bugs.  Maybe they have all drowned!  


  1. Glad to hear Baxter is feeling better and eating well again. It's always tough when our pets are under the weather and we don't really know why.

    Great photos of the Fox!

  2. So happy to hear that Baxter is feeling better and eating again. Get so worried about the fur kids. Your wildlife is much more active than ours. Of course, we are in a very residential area but the chipmunks and rabbits sure keep Scooter going nuts. She's getting lots of great exercise going around and around the hedges and wood pile. Haven't seen the news for a couple of days so hadn't heard about the storm. Be safe you guys.

  3. So glad Baxter is better. With the stress of fnishng the business, you didn't need as sick kitty too. We sure do love our furry kids.

  4. Great news on Baxter, what a relief that must be. Not fun to have a sick pet and not know what is wrong.

    Hope your lot in GA is much better protected from hurricanes unlike your FL campground.

  5. Alley Cat says, "Glad you on the mend, Baxter".

  6. Wonderful news about Baxter!!!

    Beautiful area you are in. You sure you want to leave?

  7. I'm so glad Baxter is feeling better. It's really hard when our pets are hurt or sick because they can't tell us what's wrong. And I just hate those big vet bills.

    Great animal/bird photos. :)

  8. Glad Baxter is feeling better.

  9. Glad Baxter is feeling better. I think my vet bills were higher than the pediatrician bills back when my kids were young. At least the kids could tell me what hurt. Absolutely LOVE your fox photos! Isn't it great having the opportunity to view so much wildlife?

  10. Hope Al's final day is a smooth one. The N. Ga. mts are a great place to be during the "Dog Days" of summer.

  11. GREAT picture of Baxter. He's got your wrapped around his little paw. Glad he's feeling well enough to coax too much food out of you!!

    I am just green with envy over the wildlife you have this year at Quail Run. Those fox are just fantastic!!

  12. So happy that Baxter is feeling better! Congrats to you and Al. Ahhhh sweet relief!

  13. Baxter has that deer in the headlights look:)

  14. I'm so glad Baxter's better. He looks so much like my cat Miles that lived to be 19.

    I love your wildlife pictures!


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