Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Visit to the Vet


Wesley Chapel, Florida (hot, humid, rainy)


Baxter seems to be feeling much better, but unfortunately Miss Kitty is not.  She is our old lady.  We picked her up as a stray years ago and we’re guessing she is nearing 20 years old.  She’s been getting pretty feeble lately, but as long as she’s eating, and we feel she has a reasonable quality of life, we’ll do what we can for her.  We have been thinking she might be at the end, but that is such a hard decision to make, as any of you pet owners know.  We decided we are not going to spend a fortune on vet bills and we are not going to put her through too much.  We decided to let the vet check her out.  We didn’t know if she would be coming home with us or not.  The vet checked her out and guessed she either had kidney failure, thyroid disease or cancer.  He said they could run some blood work and get a better idea.  I said, how about we treat her for what is the most likely problem (kidney) and go from there.   So that’s what we decided to do.

He gave her some subcutaneous fluids and suggested we continue to do that at home, a few times a week.  We hate to give fluids because it involves sticking a needle under the skin and pumping a saline solution into them.   We hate to do it, but we will. 

The fluids must have helped because she seemed to feel much better by the time we got home and she ate pretty well.  Getting her to eat has been an issue the past several days.

We decided to take Baxter along to the vet and just make sure he is okay.  The vet gave him a quick check and thought he was just fine.  Baxter hammed it up while there and showed his best personality.  He loves meeting new people, so he likes going to the vet.   Since he was doing well, the vet thought he could get his shots.  I was a little concerned about getting his shots when he had been sick, but the vet though he would be fine, and they didn’t seem to phase him.

After we dodged a few rain showers, we managed to get some time outside for wildlife watching.   Florida, and the entire southeast I guess,  is having above average rainfall this year.  We’re sick of rain.

Last night, this gopher tortoise was our first visitor.  He got scared off when he saw the neighbors dog.


Soon afterwards, a large deer appeared.  This is right behind our campsite.  You can see the water between us and the deer.  In the winter, this area was dry.  This is where we have seen the otters.


A little closer look.



Of course, there were the numerous two legged friends.

A Brown Thrasher.


A female Cardinal.  I think this is one of the many youngsters.


A Dove was not too happy sharing the feeder with the Blue Jay.


After the deer left, this beautiful gray fox came by.


Just look at that beautiful thick coat.


We have been a little down in the dumps lately from all the rain, the delays in being able to go back to Georgia, and the kitties being sick.   After a hour or so sitting outside watching the beautiful wildlife, we both felt so much better.  It might have had something to do with the drinks we had too.  :)


the end



  1. Sorry to hear Miss Kitty is not doing well. It's so hard to know what the right thing is to do when they are so old and can't tell you how they feel. :c(

    Glad the wildlife around your campsite picked you up. Such amazing variety.

  2. Hope Miss Kitty gets better soon. It's sad when you see their life shutting down and you know time's running out. I love your wildlife photos... that fox is beautiful!

  3. Wow! Love all that wildlife. Sorry to hear about Miss Kitty, hope she is back to her old self soon!

  4. Poor Miss Kitty. I hope the fluids will help her quality of life for a little bit longer. If she's around 20, though, that's definitely a good long life.

    So happy to hear Baxter is okay now. I hate it when pets are having issues - we sure appreciate their good health once they've been sick.

    There's nothing like seeing beautiful wild things to perk us up. You have such a great variety of birds and animals there and I'm glad they helped your mood. That always helps me, too.

  5. Sorry to hear of the decisions you are having to contemplate. I guess it goes with pet ownership. I had to go through it with our last 2 dogs within 3 weeks of each other. One went so wrong I have not told Judy to this day. It was time for both of them but I never want to go through it again.

  6. I agree that at her advanced age putting her through a lot of unpleasant treatment would not be fair to her. I hope the current plan will give her some more quality time:)

  7. what a beautiful header photo. . .glad all the four legged kiddos are feeling better!

  8. If I were a cat I would want you to be my owners. Your wildlife photos are beautiful.

  9. I know how much you love your fur babies and I know that you will make the right decision when the time comes. No matter how hard it is for us we have to do what is best for them. Makes me so very sad. We haven't had much rain this summer so if you want to send some our way we'd take it.

  10. awwww...glad something perked you up after a difficult day at the vet's. Loved the photos of the wildlife...Just gorgeous!

  11. Sounds like you have a realistic approach. Keep her going as long as she is comfortable. Give her love and say good by when it is best for her.

  12. Karen I'm not sure I'd go anywhere if a gopher tortoise and a beautiful fox were in my backyard. You've seen more wildlife at Quail run than we have in Acadia National Park.

    Glad to hear both Miss Kitty and Baxter are doing OK. 20 years as a long long life for a cat. I know it's because you take such good care of them.

  13. Hope Miss Kitty feels better. If you want to get out for a while, come down and visit. email is We will be here for at least the next couple of weeks.

  14. I am so sorry to hear your babies have been ill. Our first cat that we had when we were married lived to be 18, his name was Wiser. When he became so ill we had to let him go nearly killed me. I know what you are going through and I hate it for you. Our pets add SO much to our lives but when they get old it is so hard for all of us.
    Oh a happier note your pictures were gorgeous. Love the fox, he sure looks healthy. Would LOVE to have seen the tortoise. Good luck with your kitties.

  15. Sorry to hear about Miss Kitty! Hope the fluids give her a perk. Oh, we know so well about aging pets. Sending hugs!
    Love your pics! Lots of nature/wildlife to enjoy!
    We have had lots of rain here in Georgia this spring/summer. Our grass has never been so green. I am tired of it though!!

  16. Sorry to hear about Miss Kitty, get well soon!


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