Saturday, July 13, 2013

Atlanta Traffic and Never Wet


Wesley Chapel, Florida

Somehow, we have messed up our sleep schedule.  We’ve been waking up about 4 am every morning, ready to get up and start our day. Of course, when you get up that early, we have been having trouble staying awake until it gets dark in the evening!  Al might be breaking the pattern as it’s almost 7 am and he’s still in bed, but I was wide awake again this morning at 4 am.   I think it started when we were in Georgia because we were so excited to start our day there.

Things have been going a little better regarding the sale of the business.  The new company has quite a few tech’s and they all seem to be much better than the first one that rode with Al.   A guy named Miguel was with Al yesterday and Al really liked him because he did the jobs like Al would have.  He’s hoping he will get most of the accounts.  We’re going to put in a good word for him with George, the owner of the company. Most of the customers seem to be okay with the transition, so hopefully they will stick with the new company.

We’re hopeful that we might be able to get out of town by next week-end.

Speaking of getting out of town.  Does anyone have any advice for driving through Atlanta?  Other than, don’t do it!  I know Jeanne and Eldy go out of their way to avoid Atlanta, and since Eldy is a “driving machine” it has me a bit concerned.

We’ve been told to go through on a Sunday morning if possible, and that’s what we hope to do, but that really limits your travel days, doesn’t it?

I also did a little checking on Streets and Trips and our Truckers Atlas, and found a truckers route around the west side of Atlanta.  It will be further, which doesn’t bother us, but there are a lot of road changes and turns which always gives the possibility of missing a turn and ending up somewhere a big rig shouldn’t be.  

Any suggestions would sure be appreciated.


Rustoleum Never Wet

A few days ago I ran across an interesting video on Facebook.

It was about this new product being sold at Home Depot, called Never Wet, and made by Rust-Oleum.

The Home Depot


It’s a 2 step spray that will prevent water from adhering to surfaces.  Actually, it does much more than that, because it repels water.  Wow, what an amazing product (at least from the video).

You really need to click on the link and watch the video to see how cool this product is, but as Rv’ers, I’ll bet we can come up with some good uses for this type of product.  I wonder if it would keep your fiberglass roof from getting dirty?

One of the things in the video, showed them spraying a toilet brush with the product.  That way when you removed the brush from the toilet bowl, it is dry and not dripping on the floor or leaving water in the bottom of the brush container. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

Some of the things they suggested was on gloves and shoes to make them waterproof.  I am thinking it might be nice to use on my wood dish drain, and in the kitty pan to prevent any wet clumps from sticking to the bottom and sides.

At first glance, it looked like it would be the greatest product ever, but after reading a few reviews, there are a couple of issues.  One, unfortunately, is that it doesn’t dry clear, but to a frosty white.  Another is that is doesn’t have any UV protection, so I wonder how long it would last outside?   I  thought about using it on our canvas awning toppers, but I don’t think the frosty white color would look good.

Other than than those two things, I think this could be a really great product. 

Al picked some up at Home Depot the other day for under $20.  It’s a two step process.    In the video they sprayed an i-Phone and then submerged it in water.   Don’t think I’ll be doing that, but what about your camera bag?  How about your outdoor rug that always gets wet and gushy?

Any other ideas?

Go ahead….take a few minutes to watch the video.  It’s really cool the way liquids just run off surfaces after using the product.  Might be a good thing to do to the front of white shirts!   You know how you always spill something on a brand new white shirt!


  1. Atlanta traffic is not that bad--the key is to avoid "work traffic" mornings and afternoons. We live outside Augusta and have to go thru Atlanta quite often, and have pulled a 40 ft fifth wheel and now a 36 ft motorhome. You can take Highway 129 out of Macon and hit 441 in Athens both these roads are good roads, that's the way we travel to the mountains and also to Macon and Perry.

    1. Thanks Jan. We do NOT want to take 129 directly into Blairsville because it takes you right over Blood Mountain (not a great road for a large Rv), so we want to approach Blairsville via 575/76. I'll check and see if we can do that via 441

  2. We've gone around Atlanta on I285 several times with no issues. Once we just blasted right through staying on I75, but it was late Christmas Eve and there wasn't much traffic! Since then, we've always followed the signs for big rigs around. Piece of cake :-).

  3. That is very good news about the business. Good luck with the new company.

    We have been through Atlanta many easy way around it at all. Yes, we do plan our travels around the city on Sunday morning. We drive right through the heart of the city with very little traffic. We usually get there around 8...super easy.

  4. we last went thru around 10 am and found the traffic to be not too bad but our first time thru I was not comfortable but I had been only driving the RV for less than a month then

  5. We use the route Jan mentioned all the time. We get off 75 in Macon, take I-16 for one exit then get on 129. Get 441 in Athens then ride 441 all the way to Dillard. You could get off of 441 in Clayton and take 76. I do not care what others say but 75, 285, 85 around Atlanta with its 6-8 lanes is no place I want to be in an rv.

  6. I don't know anything about going around Atlanta. We haven't needed to YET so I'm intersted in what the comments say. Glad to hear that perhaps the tech that was with Al the first time is a bad apple in hopefully a good bunch. Are you going to tell the owner about him? Seems he needs another type of employment.

  7. Sure glad to hear the business end of things is going better. That'll make it much easier to get out of town. We've never driven through or around Atlanta so I'm of no use to you whatsoever.

  8. Good news on the business!
    We live about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta and the best advice (besides avoid it) would be Sunday morning or late in the evening. Where are you going? You don't want to get into the hairpin turns through Blairsville and Dahlonega etc. not good for MH driving. Sounds like getting off 75 in Macon area and taking that route might be a very good possibility!! Good luck!!

    1. We're going to Blairsville and down hwy 129 a short distance. If you keep going on 129 it ends up being a twisty, curvey road that only motorcycles and bicycles like. We don't have to go that far.

  9. ah. . .I'm a sucker for a new painting product. . .I'll hafta find SOMETHING to use that on. . .LOL!

    Heading to Atlanta late fall to meet our new great nephew. . .will be very interested to know what your final approach ends ups being.. .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  10. Hope you find the best route for you...We've done Atlanta on a Sunday and it wasn't too bad, but Eldy still avoids it. Glad to hear the business sale is going better!

  11. Our last trip through Atlanta was at 4:30 p.m. on a weekday on I-75. We laughed a little at our bad timing but it wasn't a big deal. Sometimes it pays to be naive.

  12. Good luck with the business sale, hope that it moves along quickly and you're happy with the result.

    Only time I've been to Atlanta was changing planes at the airport. Hope you find the perfect route to miss all that traffic. Maybe go thru on one of those 4 am wakeup days? ;c)

    I may have to get some of that new product because many people have told me I'm all wet. :cD


  13. I have made the trip to and thru Atlanta and then from and thru Atlanta more times than I can count ....not in an RV but by car .... As far as time and traffic go it is about the same situation for either.....
    My best situation is; weekdays after 10AM to 11:30 AM and Saturday and Sunday anytime with Sunday being the BEST ..... I go right thru Atlanta to 575 ....I end up going a bit West after getting up in North Georgia on 60 etc .... BTW, I don't like the Blood Mt. Route, either ....
    My besy advice STAY IN YOUR LANE !!!!!

  14. As an Atlanta native, we drive through town just about any time we need to....pulling the RV or not. Of course, like with all cities you want to avoid the heavy traffic times when people are going to and from work but even then it may take longer but I don't mind the slow speeds.
    Our optimal time, when we have a choice, is Saturday or Sunday before noon. Either day is about the same. If we're going through on I-85, we always plan a stop at the Varsity for lunch!


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