Thursday, March 14, 2013

This and That


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 67, low 38)

The temperature this morning according to our outside digital thermometer got down to 33.  According to the app on my phone it was 44.  I don’t know which was one right, but our heat pump never quit.  The sky is blue and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty day.


We have our health insurance through USAA, which is the company that I retired from.  It’s fairly inexpensive and so far has proved to be good insurance.   USAA has a program to encourage all employees and retirees be healthier by eating right and exercising.

They have a program to reduce our insurance premiums by $200 a year, if you do certain things during the course of the year. 

There are a lot of ways to earn the needed 500 points. You can take a health assessment test, a fitness test,or a nutrition test.  You can give blood, or do a community walk-a-thon, or many other things of that nature.    I am trying to monitor my exercise and walking steps and record them daily.   The pedometer helps a lot with that as it automatically keeps track of 7 days of steps.  I just took another nutrition assessment today and I am up to 350 of the needed 500 points.

I realized, that for the first time in my life, I am actually doing about all I can do to take good care of myself.  I am exercising regularly, and eating the right things.   I am still overweight, but that’s also coming down.

All of my life, I always told myself that I needed to exercise more and eat better, but I never did. Until now.

Having the gym nearby has been a tremendous help, but we’ll soon be heading to the Keys and away from the gym.   We’ll definitely miss it, but hope to get in enough kayaking and walking to make up for it. 


We had a mobile Rv mechanic out yesterday to fix a little problem we’ve been having.

Our rear air conditioning unit makes a loud crackling type sound when the compressor shuts down.  It’s been doing it for quite a while and I finally procrastinated enough to get it looked at.   Since we’ll be heading south to warmer temps, I wanted both a/c units working properly.  The rear a/c still cools, but makes that annoying noise.

When we had the other things repaired at Lazy Days, we should have  bitten the bullet and stayed there a bit longer and gotten the a/c fixed as well.  The tech there looked at it briefly but didn’t see anything obvious and blamed it on the box inside that’s covered in silver tape.  We didn’t think that was the problem.  I could live with it, if I knew it wasn’t going to cause other problems, or burn out the compressor, but I don’t know what causes it.

Anyway, a mobile tech came out yesterday.  Of course I couldn’t get the noise to happen while he was here.  He got up on the roof and noticed the rubber grommets holding the compressor were very loose.  He said they could probably have vibrated up into the squirrel care and caused that noise.  He tightened them and also checked the front a/c unit and found the same issue.  We were both just sure that was the problem.

There was no noise after he made the repair, but as soon as they left, I started hearing the annoying crackling noise again.  It figures!

I’m waiting for a call back to see when they are coming back.   I don’t know if I have to wait around here all day, or not.    grrrrr


  1. Those RV gremlins can drive you batty. I think they plot to make everything work perfectly when the tech is around. Sure would like to catch one of those gremlins, they must have been installed in our RV at the factory, one part I wish had been left out.

  2. I wonder why most of us seem to wait until we are older before we start taking care of ourselves? I guess because we come to realize we are not immortal, like we thought we were as teens. We also are eating better and getting more exercise.
    Good luck with your AC hope it is nothing too serious.

  3. What a great idea for an insurance company to encourage you to stay healthy. I wish our insurance gave us insentivies like that.

  4. Gremlins, yes! They are in cars as well, right? with those silly sounds that make us crazy and never show up when the tech is around. I suppose turning the radio up louder is on the same level as not getting any exercise or eating right. In our older years I guess we figure out we had better pay attention. Congrats on paying attention and taking care of yourself and your air conditioner.

  5. That is so frustrating that it won't make the noise when the tech is there! Like it's trying to make you to be a liar or something? HAHA

    Great that your insurance company has such a good program! Wish more would offer that.

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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