Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Google It


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 82, low63)  rain

Some light rain moved in last night, coming in from the Gulf.  I hope it stops when we start our outside preparation for travel.

Yesterday (remember how I said we procrastinate?), Al decided to replace the bad inner tube in the kayak cart tire.  It had needed replacement for several months, and Al finally find the correct tube a few weeks ago.  Did we replace it as soon as we found the tube?   Nooooooooooo.  We much prefer to wait until the very last minute so that we have a lot to do the day before we travel.

He was having a heck of time putting the tube back into the tire, being careful to align up the valve stem.  Actually, getting the tube inside wasn’t too hard, but the inner core was not going on correctly.   We both worked on it for a few minutes, trying everything we could think of to snap the tire back onto the inner core.   My answer for everything is to “Google” it.   I went online and did a search for replacing tube in tire on kayak cart.  Would you believe, I found a You Tube video for what looked to be the exact same tire?  It was for a boat cart, but it was just what we needed.  They provided a few tips that allowed Al to snap the tire right back onto the inner core!  Thanks to the guy who put out the You Tube video!   If you need to know how to do something, you can almost bet there is a You Tube video out there!

Do you “Google” things often?   Last night, we saw a commercial for an old soap opera and I got to wondering how long a particular actress had been on that show.  So, I “Googled” it and found my answer.  The internet is a great thing, isn’t it?  I often wonder how different my life might have been if the internet was around when I was growing up.   I might have found something that really interested me for a career, instead of just “getting a job.”


Today is travel day.  We’re up early, drinking our coffee and green smoothies.   Last night Al said, maybe we could try to leave by 9am.   I just laughed.   :)

We only have about a 200 mile drive today, so there is no hurry except that the earlier we arrive at the state park, the more time we’ll have to explore it.

See you down the road.


  1. Google is amazing! It sure makes life a lot easier. John was repairing our washer/dryer in the motorhome and was having trouble installing the part. The manufactures guide was no help. I googled the part and found where someone (bless their heart) had posted pictures and gave detailed instructions on how to install it. Before you know it our washer was back in action.

  2. I probably need to learn to use Google more. I just don't seem to think about it.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the internet!!! I Google everything also and have often said I don't know what I did before it was around.......
    Johnathan Dickens SP, have been there several times. The river is a beautiful place to yak. They have canoes to rent if you don't have time to get yaks out. It is so worth exploring, it's beautiful and be sure to take your camera. Safe travels.

  4. We google all the did we get along without it??? Sure beats encyclopedias. :)

  5. Love Google , as you said can find just about anything you need to know there.
    Usually we have to kill a bit of time to leave at 9 am, so we can arrive around noon and have a relaxing day again.

  6. I use Google everyday for something or other. It's amazing how simple things become when you can find a YouTube video showing exactly how to do something that's been puzzling or impossible.

  7. Google is helping me re-build my spare bathroom. :)


  8. Google, I use it all the time. I use it when we can't remember something, like a person's name or movie, helps with that frustration. And youtube has helped me learn how to do many things for the the girls weddings, to changing a kitchen faucet.
    Love how it is right at our finger tips.

  9. Oh yeah. George calls me the Google queen :)

  10. I'd be more of a moron without Google!

    I bought (for $1000) a compelet set of World Book encyclopedias during the mid 80s so my kids would have information at their fingertips to do homework and reports.

    When we were getting rid of things to sell out house, I couldn't even give the World Books away. Everybody Googles everything now.

    1. My dad was a Collier's Encyclopedia sales man for a while and we had the full set. All my school references came from those books.

  11. School would have been much easier with Google instead of the set of encyclopedias I used.
    How do you make your green smoothie????

  12. Google is amazing. I use it very often!

  13. You tube videos are the bomb. There is one for everything!


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