Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guess What Followed Us Home?


Sunshine Key Rv Resort, Florida  (high 78, 66)


Do you remember the last time I had a blog with a similar title?


Here is a reminder.

(awww….look how cute Baxter was.


So, what is it that followed us home this time?

Can you guess?


No, it’s not a kitten.

No, it’s not a dog.


and it’s actually not home with us yet.


Here it is.


Proline Boat

We have been arguing for years about getting another boat.  He kept checking Craig’s List and I kept finding something I didn’t like about the boats he found.

Yes, Al finally whined enough and got his way, wore me down, and we bought a boat!  We have always had out boats, but when we sold our house and became full timers, I thought our boat ownership days were over.  Al agreed reluctantly, but I think he had his fingers crossed because he’s been talking boats ever since we got back to Florida.

Since we spend a lot of time in Florida and in the Keys, I guess it’s not such a bad idea.   The Keys is such a wonderful place to have a boat.

We thought about renting a boat, but they cost at least $150 a day, and you have to return them by 4:00 pm. 

This boat didn’t cost too much, and we’ll be able to use it whenever we like.   It’s cheap to insure and we found a place to store it when we’re not here, for only $35 a month. We don’t intend to take it back to Tampa.  For right now, it will stay here in the Keys, but of course we could always come and get it if we changed out mind.

If you read the blog from a few days ago, this was the same boat we went for a ride on.   I didn’t mention that is was a test drive because we hadn’t finished checking out the motor, and hadn’t made the deal yet. 

Our “new” boat is a 17 foot Proline with a 90  horsepower Evinrude motor.  It has a nice deep V hull and it handles the ocean waves very nicely. It tops out at about 42 miles per hour, so it’s got plenty of power.   It’s quite a bit smaller than we’re used to, but with this great hull, we’re comfortable going the 8-9 miles out to the reefs. 

We already joined SEA TOW, which is a water rescue service.  If you get stranded offshore they will come and tow you in.  We always had them for our previous boats, and won’t go out without them.   The Coast Guard won’t tow you in unless it’s a life threatening situation (been there, done that).

We have room on our camp site here at Sunshine Key to store the boat, or we could keep it in the water at the marina, while we’re here.   I believe they charge $400 a month to keep your boat in the water, so we probably won’t be doing that!

We will pick the boat up today and then hopefully the winds will die down enough to get out in the water, but we may just wait until after the Easter week-end since there are a lot of boats on the water.

We spent yesterday picking up a few things for the boat.  Things we had, and practically gave away at our garage sales.

Boat electronics have sure changed since we last had a boat.  The boat has a color depth recorder/fish finder, and a color GPS plotter.  I didn’t even know what a plotter was!   We’ll have to learn to use all these fancy electronics, but they look to be pretty user friendly and the GPS is a Garmin, so we’re familiar with them.

The boat also has a VHF radio.  We believe in redundancy, so we always carried a spare hand held radio…just in case.   That’s one thing we didn’t sell.   I just asked Al if he knew where it was and he said he brought it with us…..just in case he were to get a boat.   :)

I guess he won!


Sunshine Key from the fishing bridge.



Hey….if you don’t hear from us for a few days, please call the Coast Guard!


  1. Way to go Al. Gotta keep these men of ours happy. At least you don't have to have two boats like we do. I had no idea the Coast Guard wouldn't tow you in if it wasn't a life or death emergency. Fingers crossed the wind dies and you can get out there on the water.

  2. Enjoy that new boat, congratulations!

  3. Since you both enjoy the water so much, a boat is a logical purchase. As far as having given away much for pennies, otherwise it might all still be in storage in Georgia! I cringe over a cooking item from time to time wondering if I should put it in the Goodwill box, but I know I can always buy another if I really want or need it. I know that is not on the same scale as things for a bot, but it cn have the same thought process.

    Have fun. Buying new toys is always good.

  4. It's a sickness...

    Yes, the Coast Guard can't tow if it's not an emergency, laws prevent the service from "interfering" with civilian businesses.

    I'd sure like to know where Sea Tow was in the middle of the night in a winter storm when we Coasties would have to go out.

    My "favorite" was up in New England where we'd have to go out and tow in broken down fishing vessels from way off shore, often taking two or more days to get them back to New Bedford, MA and at the mouth of the harbor we'd have to turn the tow over to a commercial tow boat who'd then tow the fishing vessels to their pier and charge them several thousand bucks.

  5. Boys and their toys! Have a blast in your boat!
    Is your camera waterproof?

  6. Congratulations- I have the boat bug again pretty badly.

  7. May you spend many happy hours out in the new boat!

  8. I really did think you got another kitten....and thought that photo looked familiar. I have heard you talk about Al wanting a boat for it seems like years now, even before you left Georgia, so it is only fitting that he got his boat. Florida is really boat country, with all those inland waterways and such. Just wondering how long it will be before you take her home to Tampa...:)

  9. Florida sure is full of boats. Must be all that water around here. Enjoy!

  10. Nice! We are kind of obsessed with boats also. Enjoy:) I agree with Paul, it is a condition that on occasion needs treatment:)

  11. Congratulations! Looking forward to some more great photos - this time from the boat!

  12. Congratulations on your new purchase Wishing you lots of wonderful, fun times.


  13. The boat looks terrific !!! Will surely bring lots of enjoyment and good times ..... Exciting because you are both former wave riders, it will be like getting back on a bicycle..... Taxi on over to the "happy hour " ...... Lots of fun, photos and tales to tell ..... Congratulations !!!

  14. Aye, aye Captain! Great looking boat - congrats!!

  15. Having spent plenty of time down in the Keys I guess we are going to have to start calling the two of you Cap'n Al and Cap'n Karen... Enjoy! I am sure you will...

  16. Congrats! When does Baxter get his sea legs?

  17. Congratulations, enjoy your new toy!

  18. How nice for Al. Seems he thought he'd softened you up enough. :)

  19. Not sure how I missed this but congratulations Al on wearing her down. Is a permanent move to the Keys next?? :-)

  20. Wow! Congratulations on being boat owners again. That is something we would like to have too but we are not around enough good water. Sorry this is late I am behind on reading blogs. Baxter is cuter than the boat. Sorry!

  21. I so thought you were going to confess that you fell for a puppy or kitten. Sure can understand the desire to bring boating back into your life--especially with your love for diving. Sounds like fun to me!

  22. Wow! What a beautiful boat. You are sure to have lots of good times in the keys. Congratulations!


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