Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Campground Review

Wesley Chapel, Florida  - high 89, low 67


We have a Florida style “cool front,”  and we may not even get into the 90’s today.   We got so used to the cool temps in North Carolina that this heat and humidity has really been bothering us.  


Most full-timers are constantly looking for great and inexpensive campgrounds. I always try to make note when someone mentions a great campground.  Unfortunately, I seem to forget them before I ever get there!

Some bloggers post their own campground reviews and I frequently check those sites.

A couple that I can think of off the top of my head are:

Rv Dreams

We Called it Home

Adventures With Tassie


Do you have any other places where you check out campgrounds?   Let’s share our resources!

I think I may steal Tumbleweeds spreadsheet idea and try to keep a little log of the campsites we’ve been to.

How about it guys….let’s share!   Of course I know some people don’t want to share those special spots….Sherry!


  1. Most of the places I stay are NWRs, so you have to volunteer to enjoy them. :)

  2. What? Which special spot did I not share?? Now I'm really worried about my memory.

  3. I made a spreadsheet when we fist stated to travel. It contains all our campgrounds, address, dates, price, website, comments about the campground.
    One big difference between Tumbleweeds and ours is, I have the states in the first column in alphabetical order. Makes it much easier to search.

  4. Wheelin' It also reviews campgrounds. And, of course, there's always rvparkreviews.com.

  5. I can't beleive Sherry would not share her campground information. Now that JMC ice cream she loves, that's another story.

    Great idea. BTW, Baxter doesn't seem to care that he's outgrown his bed, does he?

  6. Wheeling It, Semi True Tales on the Road (Laurie and O'Dell) are the ones that come to mind for us....

  7. Here are a few others that have been helpful to us:
    Here's Lucy RV blog
    Passport America app
    RVers Online

  8. We rely most on RVparkreviews.com. We used to use Trailer Life directory, but their ratings aren't as helpful as the online comments at this website.

  9. That's a great idea. I started keeping my own list but never kept it up. I was too busy enjoying our new full-time lifestyle. Wish I had at least kept a spreadsheet and could sort it by State. At least I can go back through my blog to read what I posted, but it doesn't work very well. I use Big Rigs, rvparkreviews, Corp of Engineers, Passport America, Thousand Trails, Microsoft Streets and Trips, Nick's Free Campgrounds and Fairgrounds Camping. I find all that very stressful - to many places to look. I begin by looking at rvparkreviews.

  10. I read many CG reviews from RVers, Woodalls, PassPort America. I really appreciate the RVers blogs that I read that take the time to maintain a CG listing. It takes way more time than I can afford to put toward it.

  11. I read Laurie's campground reviews and Nina's a lot, and now when someone writes about a good campground, I pin it. Especially for some of those places in the east coast where I may not go for a year or two, it is good to have a place to go quickly and find the campgrounds that sounded good. I also started to keep my own list, and never managed to keep it up. I have a hard enough time with the blog when we go on a big trip!


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